Coaches, consultants, and transformational entrepreneurs:

What would be possible if you could
end the overwhelm, do less, and accomplish more?

Are you tired of being busy all the time, with distractions taking over your day, while your hard work doesn't seem to be paying off?

Do your most cherished business dreams sit on the back burner until you finally catch up with your to-do list?

Are you fed up with procrastination, self-sabotage, or feeling stuck on the things that matter most to you?




Imagine how different your business would be if you:     


No longer second-guessed yourself

    Knew exactly what you needed to do – and then did it

    Stopped procrastinating – and completed the important tasks and made the important decisions, instead

    Felt like your "busy-ness" actually paid off in profits

    Had more time to do what you really enjoy

    Made more money AND reached more people

Sounds great, doesn’t it?


What would it be like to also:

  • eliminate the most common self-sabotaging self-talk that entrepreneurs deal with every single day — the stuff that stops you in your tracks without you even realizing it
  • significantly improve your business decision-making, ability to focus, and creativity
  • significantly reduce or eliminate anxiety so it is no longer an issue in your business
  • dramatically improve your confidence — in a way that clearly shows in your bottom line

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Hi! I'm Sue Rasmussen.

As a professional coach, I've worked with over 6,000 coaches, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

However, the one piece that eluded me for years was how to effectively help my clients (and myself!) with overwhelm, procrastination, and self-sabotage — and that’s exactly where most people get stuck.


Over the years, I researched many tools that were supposed to help improve productivity and clear the inner blocks, and they either didn't seem to work very well or my clients simply didn't like using them. If they were stuck, they tended to just stay stuck.


So when I finally discovered some simple techniques that really did work, like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I was initially very skeptical. Yet I was intrigued enough to learn more...and these techniques have blown every other tool I've ever used out of the water.

Even better, I've seen changes in my clients and what they can accomplish that have exceeded their every expectation.



Today, I am an expert in working with the mind and how to reprogram it when it comes to productivity and business performance. 




If you’d like some help improving your productivity, passion, and profit, I have developed a program for you that includes my personal mentoring and coaching along the way. 

I’ll guide you in everything you need in order to end overwhelm, do less, and accomplish more, while uncovering and eliminating the hidden root cause of the patterns that have been getting in your way. 

Productivity, Passion, and Profit


What Will I Learn?


module 1: Develop a Profit mindset

  • identify your vision and goals that align with what matters most to you
  • learn how to uncover and resolve hidden resistance (creativity, visibility, and financial) to setting and attaining big goals
  • discover how to shift goal patterns from stress and doubt to motivation and confidence
  • develop a profit mindset related to your time and energy (if you don’t cover the emotional side of productivity, all the practical tips in the world won’t help one bit)


module 2: Fast Track Your passion and profit

  • learn how to master the one principle that helps you take the most direct route to achieve your goals while eliminating up to 80% of what wastes your time and energy
  • use the 80/20 rule to identify your high-payoff activities and map them to your day and week, while starting to eliminate the low-payoff activities
  • reorganize your days into "themes" so you build momentum, generate much more powerful results, and feel refreshed at the end of the day instead of frazzled
  • discover how to start orienting your day and your week around your vision
  • release the resistance that being organized and structured "makes you less creative"


module 3: Unleash your productivity with bright-line tasks and habits

  • regain control of your day by setting up an easy, effective method to keep track of your tasks and to-do’s


MODULE 4: Harness the power of simple systems for email, computer docs, and paper

  • clear out the backlog of unnecessary information and documents that are clogging up your system, your energy, and your mind
  • set up simple filing systems for your papers, emails, and computer docs so that you can file and find everything in seconds, that are virtually effortless to maintain
  • set up an easy, effective method to keep track of your tasks and to-do’s


module 5: overcome the SOP (self-sabotage, obstacles, and procrastination)

  • identify the most common self-sabotage and procrastination patterns
  • discover how to clear your SOP patterns at the mind-body level
  • Back lash – power of seeing and anticipating and explaining to clients. Battle everywhere and internal battle of self-loathing, backlash by projecting onto random events


Module 6: Move forward powerfully

  • learn how to fine-tune and integrate what you've learned into a life-long practice that fits your evolving needs

How Will I learn?


weekly live group training calls

Every week, I'll lead a live group training call via teleconference line, for a total of six sessions. Training calls are a combination of content, discussion, Q&A, and coaching


Audio recordings

Group training calls will be recorded and you will receive the online and MP3 audio links for the recordings via email within 24 hours of the teleconference calls.

You can either listen to the recording online or you can download the MP3 file to listen on your iPod or other MP3 player.

You will also be building your own library of resources; you can re-use the audios over and over for additional benefits each time you listen and use with your own specific circumstances.


Handouts and exercises

You will receive step-by-step exercises, handouts, and guides on each of the mind-body techniques we’ll be using so you will know exactly how to use each one.


Methods to test your results

You will discover simple self-testing methods so that you will know - it will be crystal clear - that you are experiencing significant results every step along the way.



Emotions list

tapping points, instructions, holistic process


tapping audio on overwhelm

how to get the most out of EFT (power tips)

Is Productivity, Passion, and Profit
Right For Me?

This program is not for everyone. 
Since there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to productivity, we want to make sure you know if it's the right fit for you.

I work with coaches and other transformational entrepreneurs. You are here to help your clients improve, grow, transform... and I want to help you expand your reach and your impact. You are here, changing the world one person at a time. 

This solution IS FOR YOU if you:

  • are ready to feel more productive, more effective, and on track to achieve your most important goals
  • have a strong desire to find and eliminate the hidden root cause of your overwhelm, self-sabotage, or procrastination
  • want an authentic solution that focuses on real
    transformation; you've been around the block enough to know that band-aid fixes or over-the-top hype don't work when you want to create deep, lasting change
  • are the one in charge of defining your business vision, your goals, and how you spend your time and energy
  • have a feeling you've only scratched the surface of your enormous potential; you have so much more you want to do
  • believe that investing in yourself is one of the smartest business decisions you can possibly make

This solution is NOT for you if you:

  • are just looking for some quick-fix information on "the best one-size-fits-all planner" or how you can squeeze even more into your day

  • would prefer to simply be told exactly what to do, without any involvement or customizing on your part

  • are not interested in revisiting your past

  • are unwilling to do the work it takes to clear the patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • are brand new in business; you need to have some experience under your belt to get the most out of this program

  • require a lot of hand-holding, rah-rah, or ego-stroking


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I know if this is the right program for me?

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How can I get the most value out of the program?

A: There are four ways to get the most out of the Circle. #1: The first way is to attend the live calls or listen to the audios and simply tap along with what you hear on the calls. Just tap along as you are listening to me work with the group or a volunteer on the call. No need to do anything else. Easy, right? And you will get results. Not as dramatic as they could be, but you will start to notice things shifting. #2: The second, more powerful way is to come prepared for each call with a written list of 5 bothersome memories or specific events that you would like to resolve. Your memories might be directly related to business, or they may seem completely unrelated...either is fine. And then tap along with me on the group calls. It's just one additional step -- writing out your list of 5 memories -- but the results you experience will go much, much deeper. #3: The third way to get huge value from the Circle is to be a volunteer on the calls. When you're a volunteer, it will be just like you and me are doing a one-on-one session...we'll take your specific challenge and work on it together while everyone else is listening and tapping along. The fourth way is to take what you learn and tap on your own in between the group sessions. You will receive step-by-step instructions on what to do, and tapping even a few minutes a day will bring you measurable results. Your tapping will get easier and easier, and you will see more and more shifts happening in your business and your life.

I've wasted a lot of money on progams that didn't give me any return on investment. How can I know this is the right decision?

How well did those Guru methods work for you, and how did you feel inside? This revolutionary approach is all about helping you find the words to say that are right for you, within a framework matched to your marketing archetype, not someone else’s. Your webinar will position your content to give your IDEAL BUYERS exactly what they want — to be empowered. Guru style webinars are designed to set up- set up- set up PITCH! They rely on promises and hypey testimonials. Truth Guide webinars offer clarity to the buyer, and empower the buyer to simply decide if they’re ready to move forward. If you’re ready for a drastically different approach that feels GREAT inside and creates ease and joy in your sales, this program will be perfect for you. If you can’t let go of “just tell me what to do” in your desire for change, please do not register for this course. It’s not right for you.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We think we’ve done a good job of outlining what the program is about to help you decide whether it’s right for you, but if you have any questions before deciding, just send Sue a message (you can use the question bar on the lower right-hand corner of this page).

What if I am going on vacation or can't make every live call?

That’s okay. Circle calls are all recorded in case you miss them, so you’re free to listen to the recordings any time of the day you wish, like while you're hiking, or in your pajamas before you get up in the morning. And as long as you're tapping along with the recordings, you're still getting the benefits. You can also email questions ahead of time if you’d like something answered on the call.

When are the live coaching sessions? What if I can't make it to a coaching session?

I know that you are busy! That is why I designed this program to be fully accessible on your terms to match your schedule. All calls are recorded so you can listen to them when it is most convenient (and fun) for you. If you have a question and can't make a call, I’ve got that covered too. You can send me an email with your questions and I’ll make sure to answer them on the live calls.

What if I live outside of the United States?

Perfect! All class instruction and coaching is completed using internet services that are free for you! So the coaching calls won't cost you a dime—even if you're in Fiji or Paris.

What if I want to stay anonymous?

You absolutely can! I completely understand. This is private stuff you're discussing! You can share as much (or as little) as you want. It’s all good.

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Question 4 text?

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DISCLAIMER: The content on this page and this site is for educational purposes only. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the intention and quality of this content. Any examples, case studies, or testimonials are not to be interpreted as guarantees, warranties, or promises. In applying the concepts presented, each individual will have unique results depending on their commitment, background, education, resources, experience, and personal traits.

"...the results have been immediate...I have to say that working with Sue helped me sooooo much with feeling confident today on TV and stepping into the position of expert. The EFT really shifted something so powerfully for me – I feel such a difference. Truly amazing!"

"...I’m now naturally approaching my marketing differently, without having to force myself. I am now genuinely excited about meeting my ideal clients and talking with them. I can’t WAIT!  You have an incredible sense of intuition, and doing this work with you has been a total pleasure. I feel like I get to carry you in my pocket. What I really, really love is that now, sharing what I do just feels like the natural thing to do.”

“Sue, doing EFT with you is life-changing. Truly life-changing. I’ve been using EFT techniques for years, and I’ve never experienced anything like what I’m experiencing with you!”

"I am amazed at how quickly I can change my state with tapping...EFT is definitely going to become part of my wellness routine. Thank you so much for taking me on this incredible journey!”

"I feel so much more confident — that perfectionist voice in my head is no longer getting my attention (and no longer keeping me from getting stuff done). I love that you gave me simple EFT tools that I can use day-to-day, too. I can’t thank you enough!!”