Ask For Help


“Ask for help. 
Receiving is an act of generosity.”

Cheryl Richardson 

Do you ever feel like a ‘lone ranger’…you rely on yourself to handle pretty much everything in your life? Fact is, you’ve probably gotten quite good at it! You are likely incredibly effective at taking care of yourself, as well as taking care of everyone around you, too. Does this sound like you? 

As wonderful as it is to be self-supporting, we, as humans, are also designed to support each other. We are meant to work with each other, to learn from each other, and to help each other. We are not designed to be islands, each of us handling everything in isolation. 

Think about the many times in your life you’ve offered help to someone else. Maybe you helped a friend talk about a problem she was struggling through, or brought dinner to someone who was sick. You might have shared a job lead, or given directions to a fantastic restaurant. 

How do you feel when you’re able to help someone else? Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s human nature to enjoy giving to others. Giving and receiving is a way of connecting with others…it’s a way of sharing a part of ourselves. 

So how good are you at receiving? When you receive graciously from someone else, it’s your gift to the giver. Knowing how wonderful you feel when someone else fully appreciates and enjoys your help and support is a great reminder of the importance of receiving. 

You have amazing resources all around you…friends, colleagues, associates, neighbors, the guy who works at your neighborhood coffee shop. Learn the art of asking for help and receiving it graciously, and watch what happens. 

Take a look at your life right now. Where could you use a little help, some advice, or simply some support? 

What will happen if you don’t ask for help? What might happen if you do? Who can you ask, this moment, for help?