Brighten Up Your Environment


“Too much of a good thing
can be wonderful.” 

Mae West 

When you look around at your environment (at work, at home, in your car), what do you see? 

Are you inspired and energized? Does what you see bring you joy and put a smile on your face? 

Or do you feel drained and overwhelmed? 

Your environment has a major effect on how you feel, both at work and at home. 

What you see on the outside directly reflects how you feel on the inside, and an uninspiring or cluttered environment does nothing to lift your spirits…in fact, it does just the opposite. 

The first step to brightening your environment is clearing out what’s in the way. If you have stacks of paperwork on your desk or closets full of things you never use, now is the time to take care of them. 

Clear the way for what gives you joy! 

Now that you’ve given yourself some room, what are some ways you can brighten and uplift your environment? What would you love to see around you? 

Maybe some great photos or a beautiful calendar. Maybe you’d feel fantastic if you had a beautiful plant or two, or some fresh flowers. (Nothing brightens up any environment like flowers!) 

It could be that something as simple as having your car washed, inside and out, would put a big smile on your face today. 

Or it might be something major, like painting your bedroom that bold color you’ve been thinking about. 

Give yourself permission to create an environment that nurtures you and brings you joy – and watch what happens! 

Take a good look around you and ask yourself what would brighten your environment today. 

Spend 15 minutes clearing off your desk or and area of your home. 

Now add something wonderful simply for the fun of it.