Build Your Courage Muscle


“I am always doing that thing which I can not do, 
in order that I may learn how to do it.” 

Pablo Picasso


Being courageous is not the absence of fear. It’s “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”, to paraphrase Susan Jeffers. 

Being courageous is like building a muscle – your courage muscle – and it takes consistent workouts to keep it strong and in shape. 

One way to build your courage muscle (so you’ll have it when you need it for something really big – like following a lifelong dream or asking someone out on a date) is to take at least one risk a week. Now I’m not talking about dangerous, hazardous-to-your-health-or-well-being kinds of risks.

I’m talking about “stepping out of your comfort zone” kinds of risk. 

For example, if the mere thought of speaking in front of a group makes your palms start sweating, how about joining Toastmasters? You can then be supported, in a very safe environment, to try something new and scary. 

Exercising your courage muscle helps you develop confidence in yourself. 

We often think confidence must come first before we step out. Actually, it’s only through stepping out and doing those things we fear that we develop confidence and courage. 

You stretch what you previously thought you could do. 

Your world opens up. 

You learn new things, meet new people, and keep yourself energized and alive. 

What’s one risk you can take this week? How will you feel once you’ve taken the action?