Are You Living Your Life
by Chance or by Choice?


“How can you say luck and chance
are the same thing? 
Chance is the first step you take, 
luck is what comes afterwards.”

Amy Tan 

Each of us has a valuable gift – the gift to choose. We are making choices every day, every minute. It’s only when we choose deliberately, based on what serves us best and what brings us joy, that we are truly living the lives we are meant to live. 




“True life is lived when tiny choices are made. 
Tiny choices mean tiny changes. 
But it is only with infinitesimal change, 
changes so small no one else
even realizes you’re making them, 
that you have any hope for transformation.” 

Leo Tolstoy 

Ask yourself some questions about your life…how you’re currently living and how you’d love to be living. 

What are three things in your life right now that you absolutely love? (people in your life, your own behaviors or characteristics, your career, your health, your home…) 

What are three things in your life right now that you’d love to change? Why? 

What is stopping you from changing these things? 

What are three tiny changes you could make, starting today, that will make the most difference in your life?