Clear Out Space for Your Dreams


“In order to seek one’s own direction, 
one must simplify the mechanics
of ordinary, everyday life.” 


In the last newsletter, we looked at following your dreams. Today, we’ll continue by looking at clearing out space in your life for your dreams to come in. 

We often keep our lives so busy, so full, that we don’t have the space for our dreams to show up. 

Our dreams get buried under a thousand obligations, errands, ‘shoulds’, ‘have-tos’, expectations, and responsibilities. 

Dreams need breathing room. 

We have choices to make, conscious choices about spending our time and energy…we get to choose exactly how we spend our days. 

We can choose complicated, or we can choose simple. 

We can choose over-committed and stressed, or we can choose space and calm. 

Where has your life gotten complicated? Where has it gotten stressful? 

When you’re stressed and way too busy, you don’t have the time and you certainly don’t have the energy to even think about living your dreams. You’re just trying to keep up with reality! 

Dreams need room to grow. 

The voice of your dreams may be tiny at first, working hard to be heard above the noise of daily life. 

Spend some quiet time alone with yourself, and ask yourself what you’re yearning for. 

Wait for the answers; they’ll show up. 

You may realize that what you’re really missing is special time with your kids. You may find that you’re missing special time with yourself. You may have a passion that you’ve pushed down for years; however, the voice is still there. You may realize that you’d love to add more creativity to your life. 

Dreams can be small or large…and they are all important. 

So during this holiday season, give yourself the gift of space. 

Treat yourself to some ‘down time.’ 

We’re heading into a new year…it’s the perfect time to dream and get excited about what the new year holds for you. 

Take a look at what’s going on in your life right now. Where could you create some space for yourself? 

What could you say ‘no’ to this week? Where could you say ‘yes’ to yourself? Each small step takes you toward your dreams. 

One step might be to sign up for that fun class you’ve been thinking about. Another might be saying ‘no’ to yet another organization meeting, that you really haven’t enjoyed in the first place, and saying ‘yes’ to a quiet evening at home. 

Yet another step may be talking a walk under the stars instead of answering another e-mail. 

Ask yourself what your first step might be - and start walking.