Clear Out the Stuck Energy in Your Home


"Energetically, everything that ever happens in a building
goes out in ripples, like the effect of a stone being dropped in a pond...
hot, sticky, electrical cobwebs and congealed clumps of static energy
accumulate in all the corners, nooks, and crannies."

Karen Kingston
Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui


Most people believe that clutter is really obvious...the stuff you can see. 

And it certainly can be obvious; when you are staring at a big pile of papers on your desk or you can't fit your car in the garage because the boxes are stacked to the ceiling, you have a clutter issue. 

However, some of the most powerful, sticky clutter is the kind you can't even see. 

Scientists have proven that everything is made up of energy, whether it's a table or chair or rock or piece of paper. 

And energy is not static. It moves and flows. It changes and shifts. It undulates. 

If we were to measure the energetic frequency of different items, we would discover that different items vibrate at different rates. 

Things we use and love vibrate at a high frequency...and make our hearts sing. 

Things we don't love, don't use, dislike, things that bug us, and even things we don't even know about vibrate at a much lower frequency...and the heavier and denser the energy around those items are. 

According to Stephanie Bennett Vogt, space clearing expert, "hanging out in a sea of low-vibrational information is akin to having invisible ball and chain, or strings, keeping us tethered and stuck." 

In other words, if you are surrounded with lots of stuff you're not actively using and loving in your life, you are sitting in a quagmire of stuck energy! 

First of all, start gently letting go of the items around you that you don't use and love. Keep the items that add value to your life right NOW, and let the rest go. 

In addition, the build-up of energetic clutter in your home that has accumulated over the years (from you and the people who lived in the space before you) could probably use a freshening up. 

A great place to start is a good cleaning, top to bottom, of your home. Include the places you don't normally reach in your regular cleaning, like the insides and outsides of windows, the cobwebs high up in the corners, and the furnace and air filters. 

Once you have cleaned your home, you can use a simple space clearing ritual to gently start the energy moving in all areas of your home (and correspondingly, your life) once again. 

Here is an abbreviated version of space clearing you can do for yourself, based on the book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston: 

  1. Mentally and emotionally connect with your home to start the process. You may want to write out your intention for your space before you begin.
  2. Standing at the main entrance to your home, move around the space, feeling the energy in your home with your hands (you may notice the energy with your other senses as well).
  3. Light candles, burn incense, and offer flowers and intention to the guardian spirit of your house, or whatever feels appropriate to you.
  4. Clap in corners to loosen and sweep through the energy energy that has stagnated there. 
  5. Fill the space with your new intention for the space, light, and love.

Even this seemingly simple practice of clearing the energetic space can transform your home...and leave it (and you) smiling from ear to ear.