Create a Schedule that Fits You


“Work expands so as to fill the time
available for its completion.” 

C. Northcote Parkinson
Parkinson’s Law 

It’s so easy for time to slip through our fingers. 

One week goes by, then another, and before we know it another year has passed. 

How do you use the time you have available to you? Do you spend it in a way that brings you joy and adds value to your life? Or do you fill it with activities that don’t really add to the quality of your life? 

You have the power of choosing exactly how you spend your time. 

What is it that you want to include? Spirituality, hobbies, time with self, time with family and friends, taking a class, writing your book, using your creativity? 

All it takes is a little awareness and a bit of planning to create a schedule that suits you to a ‘T’ and includes the things that are most important to you. 

Be especially aware of your own lifestyle patterns and the times during the day when you have the most energy, creativity, and concentration ability. For example, I’m at my most energetic very early in the morning until about noon, then I have a lower energy period that goes until late afternoon, then I have another higher energy period in the evening. 

I’ve learned to schedule activities that require more creativity and thought during my high-energy times; accordingly, I schedule time for more routine activities during my lower energy times. 

Higher energy activities might include writing, exercising, creating programs and classes, working with clients, and marketing. Lower energy activities could include responding to e-mail/voice mail/snail mail and doing routine paperwork or housework. 

You may be surprised to realize just how much time you’ve been spending on activities that aren’t adding any true value to your life…the busy work can take over if you aren’t paying attention. Once you know what activities are most important to you, set up your week to include them in a way that fits you best. 

Create a simple chart representing one seven-day week, with ½ hour timeslots throughout the day. On the chart, write in all of your ‘set’ activities (work hours, taking kids to school, yoga class, time to get ready in the morning, mealtimes, errands, etc.). 

At this point, stop and review your schedule…what does it look like? Is it already full? 

You want space for the things you really want to include in your life. Visually seeing how your time is currently spent is your reality check; it can give you the motivation to create a schedule that truly works for you. 

Now start including the activities you really, really want in your life. If you need to make space on your schedule, how can you do that? What are you willing to give up to make room for what you really want?