Creating Work Security


"There is no such thing as job security. 
Create 'work security'." 

Cheryl Gilman
Doing Work You Love 

What is job security? 

Does it exist? 

Job security used to mean working for the same company your entire career and retiring with full benefits and a gold watch. 

Today, many people who work for large, well-known companies continue to think that their jobs are secure. They share this false sense of security, because every day we hear that more and more major corporations are laying off, downsizing, merging, or re-sizing. 

Also, statistics indicate that college graduates today will change careers approximately seven to ten times! So you can expect to be in the job-search mode multiple times in your life. 

In the midst of the trend toward constant job and career changing, you can and should take charge of creating your own 'work security'. You have more options today than at any other time in history. 

So take responsibility for your career! You're the best person to be in charge of your life! 

How can you create 'work security' in your career? 

First of all, clearly define what 'work security' means to you. Is financial security at the top of your list? Have you set up a system to create financial security in your life? Are you actively taking steps towards financial security right now, not 'someday, when I can afford to put something away'? 

If you lost your job tomorrow, would you be able to pay your bills for six months, or would you be in a financial panic? 

Asking yourself these tough questions (and devising an action plan to create a reserve in this area) will go a long ways towards ensuring your financial security. 

Are you continuously upgrading your skills to remain marketable? Or have you gotten complacent and allowed time to pass you by? 

The shifts in today's market are occurring at remarkable speed, and it's your responsibility to keep your skills current. How can you continue to learn and grow as a professional? 

Who is in your professional network? Who do you know? Who would you like to know? Building a strong network of professionals and co-workers is an extremely important component of 'work security'. 

Networking is a great way to stay current with trends, connect with other professionals in your field, and increase your knowledge and expertise. Plus, you never know when you may need support, advice, recommendations, or a job! 

Who are you in your work? Is this job still a great fit for you? 

Pretend you're interviewing for your current position, and ask yourself if it's a position you would currently accept. If not, ask yourself how you might modify it, upgrade it, or change it so that it would be a better fit. 

Then start taking those actions!