Do Something – Anything!


“ 'Do-so' is more important than 'say-so'. ” 

Pete Seeger 

Most of my life, I have tended to be a real ‘thinker’ – I figured if I thought about something long enough (a decision I wanted to make, an action I wanted to take, etc.), I’d be able to figure it out. 

Once, when I was really struggling with a decision, a very wise mentor of mine gave me a piece of valuable advice: “take one step – any step – and you’ll be able to start figuring it out.” 

She said that when you sit and spin in the muck, all you get is more stuck. 

I’d spend lots of time and energy, analyzing all the “facts”, what “should I do”, what would “be the best”…working really hard to figure it all out first before I even took the very first step. 

(Hmmmm…wanting to be perfect, hoping to avoid making mistakes or failing…sound familiar?). 

The funny thing is, I usually ended up making the same decisions I would have made at the beginning, without all that worry and thinking and work. 

And I’d invariably find that once I started simply taking action, I saw exactly what I wanted to do next. 

Things I couldn’t possibly have anticipated showed up, pointing me to the next step. 

And I continue to learn the value of action over too much thinking, analyzing, and planning. 

I’ve learned that we can’t anticipate everything. 

I used to want a “guarantee” in advance before I took major actions…I’ve since learned that we won’t know in advance if we’ll like something or if it will work out until we do it. 

Of course, if you need more information, certainly do some research and planning. 

However, you know when you get to the point of simply taking action; you have all the information you need. 

I know for me that extra information often seems to feel safer, like I’m covering all my bases. 

However, I’ve also found that extra data doesn’t usually alter my decision one iota – it’s just to keep me feeling safe (and often stuck)! 

The next time you’re really stuck about your next move, take action – any action. You’ll very quickly find out if you want to continue in that direction – and if not, you’ve now learned to pick a different direction!