Eat Lunch Away From Your Desk


“Nobody sees a flower, really
– it is so small – 
we haven’t the time.”

Georgia O’Keeffe 

We all want the big stuff – the next promotion, a big sale after months of working with the client, the end of a project – and these are all great things. 

However, in our lives, it’s the small stuff that really matters. 

People’s lives change from doing the small stuff…day in, day out…the smallest of changes can set into motion a chain of events that you can barely imagine. 

Take a very simple example: eating lunch away from your desk. 

For many of you, it doesn’t seem possible to actually take time to sit down and have lunch, does it? 

You know who you are…and I get it, because I’ve been there! If it’s you, you’re already coming up with lots of reasons why you can’t – too much to do, need to get this last report done, etc., etc. 

What might happen if you decided to eat lunch away from your desk this week? 

If you’re already stressed out, taking lunch will give you a much-needed break…and you’ll be refreshed and ready afterwards to dig back into the stack of work waiting for you. 

By giving yourself some space during your day, you also get some much-needed clarity about some of the bigger things in your life – without focusing any attention on them. 

You’ll be giving your mind a chance to catch up with the rest of you. 

Notice how slowly an hour goes by when you’re not filling it with something - how much space you have. 

Notice how much time in your day you seem to have when you give yourself a break. 

Notice how much creative energy you have. 

Notice how problems that seemed insurmountable before lunch suddenly seem to have resolved themselves, or at least become manageable, after taking a break. 

Notice the flowers. 

For the next week, take the time to eat lunch away from your desk, preferably alone. 

Pick a quiet spot, maybe in a park or quiet corner in a restaurant, and simply enjoy the act of eating. That means no reading, no writing letters, and no chatting on your cell phone during lunch. 

You may initially feel some stress at simply eating quietly…just let it pass. Your body is used to moving at breakneck speed (in coaching lingo we call it ‘adrenalined up’), and it’s going to protest a bit at slowing down. It might protest a lot. 

That’s OK. 

Give yourself the gift of some quiet time during your day, and notice how you feel.