Feeling Better in the Moment
vs. Feeling Better for Good


Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of money, time, and energy trying to make themselves feel better.

Going out for dinner instead of dealing with the chaos on their desk. Taking a vacation rather than taking the time to make the hard decisions about what to do... and just as importantly, what to let go. Zipping to the mall or going online for some retail therapy instead of addressing what's blocking them.  

Nothing wrong with spending money on restaurants, yoga class, a trip to the Bahamas, or buying another pair of shoes. It feels good. 

But does the good feeling last?

In other words, has anything actually changed? 

Truth is, working for yourself brings up all of your stuff, especially when your work includes sharing your message and your gifts with the world. 

Fear of rejection.

Anxiety about money.

Worry that you’re not good enough.

Frustration that you aren't reaching your full potential, making the difference you want to make.

When you're feeling frustrated or distracted or stuck, it's so temping to focus only on feeling better in the moment, instead of looking at the bigger picture. 

Until I started using EFT / tapping with my clients, I simply didn't have a great way of helping women with the fear, pressure, anxiety, frustration, and worry they feel on a regular basis in their business. So rewards were a great way of blowing off some steam.

However, now I look at that "inner clutter" differently. 

If you're feeling stressed or stuck, you can spend money on a vacation or new Manolo Blahnik's, an expense that totally feels good in the moment. A great distraction.

Or you can invest in resolving those challenges for good. An investment that pays off in dividends now, a year from now, five years from now, and forever. Permanent resolution.

Even better, your investment actually grows exponentially in value. You feel more freedom in your work. You let go of things where you've been holding on. You clear the clutter. You take action on important goals that you've been avoiding. You easily do things that used to scare you, like writing your book, public speaking, or asking for more money.  

You feel better. 

My speciality is helping entrepreneurs clear that clutter, the inner and the outer kind, so that feeling better is the new normal. 

If that sounds good to you, schedule a complimentary discovery session and we'll see if we're a fit for each other.