Follow Your Dreams


"Change occurs when one becomes what she is,
not when she tries to become what she is not." 

Ruth P. Freedman


What are your dreams? What thoughts catch you by surprise when you’re driving, or when you’re in the shower, or when you’re reading a book that reminds you of a long-lost dream? 

Maybe your dream is to live in the country and have a few horses someday…and someday just doesn’t seem to show up. Or maybe your dream is to start working with the clients you really love most, 'once you can afford to'. You might dream about bringing even more of yourself into your business, but you're afraid people would see you for who you really are if you did that. Maybe you want to really stretch and grow at this point in your life, and reach thousands of people with the message you want to share with the world, instead of dozens. Maybe you want to go back to a simpler way of life that connects you with your neighbors and community and allows you to feel part of something meaningful again. 

As adults, many of us have learned to disregard our dreams as impractical or not possible. We’ve heard so many times that we need to be responsible, haven’t we? And we are pretty good at being responsible…working hard, taking care of business, running errands, answering e-mail, going to one more meeting. We get so involved with the distractions of life that we easily forget what we really want. 

But do the dreams go away just because we push them down deep inside? 

What if your dream was possible? What if it were not only possible, but available to you when you started taking steps towards it? If it were possible to follow your dream, would you do it? Would you take the steps towards what you really wanted? It takes courage to believe in yourself and your dream, and courage to take action. 

What if following your dream meant you got to start living it? 

Stop right now and ask yourself what your dreams really are. You may have forgotten, or it may have been awhile since you’ve asked yourself! I’ll wait right here while you dream for a minute or two. 

How did you feel while you were thinking about your dreams? Did thinking about your dreams excite you? Did you feel tears, a deep welling in your soul, just by bringing it up? Did you feel frustrated because you want it and don’t have any idea if it could happen? 

Good! Now we’re getting somewhere. 

The next step is to start believing that, just maybe, you could have what you’re dreaming about. What if it were possible? It all starts with the belief. So this week, focus on your dreams. Make them vivid and clear in your imagination. Believe that it’s possible for you to live your dreams. 

You've planted the seedling. Now enjoy the ride, because it will start to grow.