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I am very picky about programs that I do, and I have to say that Sue’s program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As she says, it starts with the clutter, but it is NOT really about the clutter!
— Christi Collins
Sue, your process of un-cluttering has truly changed my life. Literally every aspect of my life is opening up. I was holding onto all sorts of old commitments that no longer make me happy.

Everything is opening up now. And while it is scary at times, as I let go of an old, worn out identity, I feel the undercurrents of something truly life-changing under foot. Thank you!!!
— Coco Fossland
Sue is a magnificent, sparkly, pioneering coach and spiritual teacher with a powerful message about personal transformation. Sue’s life purpose is showing how to deeply trust yourself and the wisdom of your heart. She brings real intimacy, real healing for people.
— Baeth Davis, Hand Analyst & Intuitive Business Catalyst
Your program is one of the most life transforming I have ever taken! I found my life filled with “organized clutter” everywhere. I was not paying attention to how every single piece of stuff I have, in all areas of my life, including on my computer, my calendar, relationships, and so on, was also holding me back! My environments (inner and outer) were filled to overflowing with things which no longer inspired me and instead I felt regret or frustration, sadness, and anger at myself. Classes I never did the homework in, or books I never read, incomplete projects, gifts I did not especially enjoy. Wow, has that shifted since taking your program!!

I no longer feel stuck! I now love to de-clutter and it has become something I am inspired to do a little of every day! I feel lighter, more free, more creative, and ideas come flowing in more each day! It has become a joy filled journey, knowing I am creating “space” for much more magic and wonderful things to come flowing in every single day!! There are not words to thank you for the great work you are doing!
— Morgine Jurdan
Whoa... talk about life changing! Sue is brilliant. She showed me how my body speaks to me about my stuff. Indeed, she was big time correct. My body was screaming at me —“ Lee, let go…please!” Clearing clutter with Sue is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
— Lee Miller
Sue’s work is inspiring. What I have learned from Sue is that by clearing the physical clutter from my life, I am able to access the mental beliefs, the reasons underlying the clutter. So, not only has she helped me to transform the different areas of my life — from my wardrobe to my office — but she has helped me to clear out the mental clutter. Now, that’s powerful!
— Leslie Evans Thorne