One of the tools we’ll be using during the program is something I call Freedom30, designed to free you from overwhelm over a 30-day period.

push the reset button

Think of it like pushing the reset button, designed to help you turn off the fire hose of information overload, calm the “I’m not enough” monkey mind, and regain control and choice about the pace of your day.

For your Freedom30, I’ll ask you to choose some very specific changes regarding how much information flows into your life during those 30 days: email, newsletters, magazines, the news, self-help books, time on the internet, social media, free trainings, saying yes to requests for your time, etc.

what will give you the most freedom?

You get to decide. There is no right or wrong. No shoulds.

Consider what will give you the most freedom. Maybe you need a break from all other self-help books and tools during your time in this program. Or maybe you need to get off newsletter lists that you no longer enjoy, that clutter up your email inbox. 



  1. Decide what you'll do for your Freedom30. Here are some ideas, as well as a tool to unsubscribe from email newsletters:

    [PDF] Freedom30
    [PDF] Email Unsubscribe Tool
  2. Choose the dates of your 30-day Freedom30 (write the start and end dates on your calendar).
  3. Get started!