Unclutter Your Spirit


Unclutter Your Spirit

  • Use the everyday items in your home as a treasure map to uncover hidden resistance to growth and development
  • Unravel old stories that are no longer serving you, and release your past
  • Let go of limitations that get in the way of your authentic self
  • Release what no longer serves you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  • Expand your comfort zone and reach your unlimited potential
Who, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t struggle with clutter? Even I, as a pretty OCD minimalist, do. I always wonder how I can clean my desk, my trunk, my closet, and the ever-growing junk drawer in the kitchen on a weekly basis and they still collect clutter! What’s up with that? Through this book, it dawned on my—I’m keeping myself small by creating “important” clutter to clean up. I’m avoiding the real clutter (my mind and spirit) by creating these diversion tactics. Yup, I am. But thankfully, the gig’s up.

Sue provides amazing road maps where I can actually USE the clutter in my home to point to and hidden resistance to my growth and development. As I release the physical clutter, I’m able to consciously release the emotional clutter as well. I don’t know about you, but that is TRUE freedom. I can be in a totally Feng Shui-ed, clutter free and beautiful home, but if my soul is cluttered, I won’t find peace.

Thank you for this truth-bomb of a book!
— Lori Losch, coach and bestselling author
Unclutter Your Spirit is a fitting title for this transformative book. If you’ve been feeling stuck in life or business, applying these simple yet surprisingly powerful techniques will help you move forward. There are so many books on clearing clutter out there—this is so much more. It’s a primer for using the stuff in your life as tools for unearthing the treasures of your psyche. I’m imagining if Carl Jung would have been alive to witness the de-cluttering phenomenon, this is the book he would have given all of his patients. Be brave. Do this work. Your life will thank you.
— Kimberly V. Schneider, author
I’ve been in the organizing-decluttering business for years. This is the first book that connects the physical with the spiritual when it comes to parting with things near and dear to our hearts and getting the clutter out of our lives. It’s not all about what I call “Keep or Toss” (I use this with my clients), it goes much deeper. It goes deep into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of letting go, clearing the clutter in our lives and personal growth. Ever wonder why we keep things even though they’ve outlived their purpose, even things with negative feelings and sad memories attached? In clearing the clutter this book offers healing and reconnecting with ourselves and our inner wisdom. It also goes into how clutter relates to the relationships we have with others, truly amazing. I posted, “Unclutter Your Spirit” on Facebook and got amazing responses world wide. I highly recommend this book if you struggle with clutter in your life and find it difficult to let go, the struggle ends here. Beautifully written book by an amazing author.
Why can it be so difficult to create change? What if it is related to the “stuff” we hold onto. In her latest book, Unclutter Your Spirit, Sue makes the compelling connection between the physical clutter in your home and the heavy emotions and stories they symbolize. This book offers dozens of ways to turn that clutter into a treasure map for healing and moving beyond the frustrating, painful inner blocks. I highly recommend this guidebook for reclaiming a more authentic and joy-filled life.
— Heather Gray, coach and award-winning author
This book is powerful because it takes several decluttering and emotional transformation techniques and teachings and pulls them together into one, unified instruction manual. Sue has this uncanny knack of reading minds… she answered my questions before I even had a chance to ask them.

Having worked with Sue individually for many years, I can attest that the techniques she described in this book are real, true, effective and powerful. If you’ve ever struggled with decluttering (even though you “know all the reasons why you should”) this book will help you see what’s underneath your reluctance and hesitation. This book validates the challenges that come with decluttering (because it’s really not about the stuff). Sue unravels the pieces of the puzzle and brings the truth front and center.

The steps are laid out loud and clear - the biggest challenge (and I love that Sue acknowledges this in the book) is whether the reader is brave enough to go on the journey!
— Christi Collins, Director