Is It Worth the Time?


"I'm really a counselor and clutter therapist.
I am not looking at something and thinking it's a mess;
I'm looking at the potential and what can be done
to make the client happier in their surroundings."

Janine Godwin, Home Organizing Consultant


You may wonder if it is worth your time to sort clutter and organize your home and office...I mean, it does take time to clear out your junk and organize your home. 

So is it worth the time and energy and investment? 

Here's the bottom line: 

Studies show that you can easily save literally weeks of time every year, simply by clearing out your stuff and organizing your space. That's like throwing away a 2-4 week vacation every year! 

Not to mention the clarity, peace of mind, and enjoyment of your space! 

So yes, it is well worth it to sort clutter and organize. 

And just imagine what you could do with weeks of extra time this year. 

* The average desk worker has 36 hours of work on his or her desk and spends 3 hours per week sorting piles trying to find the project to work on next. - The Overload Syndrome (by Richard Swenson)

* According to Harper's Index, the average amount of time that the average American spends looking for misplaced things over the course of a lifetime is one year. That's one YEAR spent looking for lost stuff!

* According to Home Gain, the Home Seller's Online Resource, a survey of nearly 1,000 real estate agents regard clearing out clutter as the number one home improvement project to speed the sale of a home and fetch a higher selling price.

* The Wall Street Journal reports that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks and files. And that is only one hour per day...many executives and managers spend more than an hour per day searching through and rearranging their piles.

* According to Stephanie Winston, author of The Organized Executive, even an hour spent every day dealing with disorder costs businesses over $8,000 a year if the employee earns $65.000.

* More than 80% of the clothes in most people's closets get worn rarely (if ever).

* NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, did a survey in 2008 of over 400 consumers in the United States. 27% of those surveyed said they feel disorganized at work (and in my experience, the truth is MUCH higher).

* According to The Leader-Post, 80% of what we file never gets looked at again.

* Cleaning professionals indicate that clearing out the excess clutter would easily eliminate 40% or more of the housework in the average home, reports the National Soap and Detergent Association.

* Agency Sales Magazine says that 80% of what we keep we never use. 

* According to the American Demographics Society, Americans waste nine million hours a day looking for misplaced items.

* It costs the average home-owner or renter $10 per square foot (or more) to house their junk.

Is investing what it takes to sort clutter, clear out and organize your space worth it? 

Looks like it, doesn't it?