Meet Joan Friedlander

When Joan Friedlander was in her mid-30’s, she went from being a healthy woman on the rise in a job she adored, to a sick woman who, within 7 months, was demoted because she could no longer effectively juggle her three roles at work.

After several years of trial and error, since she was also dealing with serious on-and-off flares associated with Crohn's Disease (in remission for 12 years), she persisted and eventually recovered the same sense of purpose and joy she felt as a training manager through her new roles of coaching, teaching, and writing.

In the process, she had to figure out how to earn a good living, doing work she loves in a way that supports her well-being. It meant breaking with the traditional rules of life to find her own pathway to success, and that's exactly what she offers her clients.

Now, Joan coaches mid-life women in relationship transitions; she has the unique ability to combine deeply personal questions with practical approaches that produce meaningful real world results. 


What was going on in your business that first attracted you to working with Sue?

I had the opportunity to work with Sue while I was also a member of a couple of other business programs. I was at a transition point in my life, was confused about my next direction, and was embroiled in some personal emotional transition as well. I was beginning to have a new vision for my work, but didn’t have full clarity and wasn’t sure how things would unfold. 

I also wanted to make more money, but I had been stuck in a pattern of "I don't need that much" for a few years and was ready to move through that.


What are some of your accomplishments during the program?

Created new tagline for my work

Updated my website to reflect my direction


What kind of results have you experienced? 

After feeling stuck in “I don’t need that much money” for the past few years, I am definitely surprised that I can now see myself making more money. I created a new vision that I love for my business and set an increased income goal for the coming year that feels good. 

I have also started talking with potential clients in my new direction, that are dealing with the exact challenges that I am now coaching around!


Anything else you want to share?

You’re very good at what you do, Sue… a master!