Less Stress, More Success


"There's this perception that if you worry a lot
and if you look really busy and stressed out
then you'll be more successful. 
You talk about how little sleep you get and how tense you are
and how you're not getting the appreciation you deserve
and how hard you're working. You think this is somehow
feeding into your success and your career, and that's just not true. 
Any success that you have in your career is despite
your being all bothered and annoyed and stressed out
- not because of it." 

Nancy Mayer
Newhouse News Service

Do you believe it's possible that you can be more successful simply by being LESS stressed? Most people believe it's the other way around...that they'll have less stress once they're more successful.

Actually, the more stressed you are, the less likely you are to reach the success you are looking for, and you certainly won't reach the level of enjoyment in your career and your life that you want! 

One of the first things I work on with my clients is to eliminate all aspects of their career and life that are causing them stress and draining their energy. 

A lot of my clients' stress comes simply from their saying that they are stressed! 

What we focus on in life is what expands, and when we're focused on how stressed we are, guess what? Yes, we continue to feel high levels of stress.

Take a step back from your life and realistically look at what you're focusing on. 

Are you focused on taking extremely good care of yourself, including your stress levels? 

Or are you focused on getting the next item checked off your to-do list and climbing that corporate ladder? 

Think of a day when you felt calm and peaceful. Maybe you were on vacation, at the lake, or simply at home enjoying some time to yourself. You didn't have anything you had to get done, no pressure, and life felt wonderful. 

How did you feel about YOU? How can you bring that feeling into your day-to-day routine? Do you believe it's possible? What would have to shift for that to happen?

You can create your day, at work and at home, to look just as you want it to. It may take some major changes in your life, or it may take some minor tweaking. 

Just know that it is truly possible, and that you have everything you need to set it up that way. 

For one week, experiment by eliminating these phrases from your vocabulary:



  • "I don't know how I'm going to_______" 
  • "I'm so stressed out this week" 
  • "I'm so busy (I'm too busy to_______, I don't have enough time to______)" 

And for one week, tell yourself the following every day: 





  • "I enjoy having time and space in my day." 
  • "I am easily able to handle what's in front of me."

Write in your journal how changing what you say changes how you feel about yourself and your stress level. 

For one week, get 8 hours of sleep every night. Yes, that's every night! 

Write in your journal about the difference this makes at work and at home. 

What had to change in your life to 'schedule in' 8 hours of sleep? 

What did you have to let go of? 

How does this level of self-care make you feel about yourself?