Letting Go Does Not Mean Having Less


"We must learn to let go, to give up,
to make room for the things we have prayed for and desired."

Charles Filmore


Have you ever noticed why you hang on to things? 

It doesn't matter if it's old stuff in your home, junk in the garage, friendships past their prime, or activities you no longer love. 

We still often hold on tightly to so much in our lives. 

Ever wondered why that is? 

There are many reasons we hold on, and they are all based in some form of fear or lack. 

If we keep things out of joy (true joy, not the kind we think we're supposed to feel), that's fine. 

But when we keep things out of fear (and any time you notice yourself struggling to make a decision about whether or not to let something go, and every time you feel resistance to let something go, you're keeping it out of fear), what's really going on? 

What's happening is that we're usually worried that letting go will mean that we will have less. 

That we'll be giving something up. 

That we will have a big gaping hole where something important once sat. 

But letting go is not about having less. 

Letting go is about creating space for what's next. 

Letting go is about making room for the new...and the new might come in many forms. The new might simply be more peace of mind and serenity. What's next might be a new opportunity or new idea or new friend. The new might be more creativity. Or more time with your loved ones. 

Don't think of letting go as a way of having less or giving something up.

Letting go is always the first step in inviting something else into your life...and you're ready for it.