Listen to Your Intuition


“Advice is what we ask for
when we already know the answer
but wish we didn’t.”

Erica Jong 

We all have an inner knowing about what is best for us. 

We simply need to pay attention. 

Many times, life gets going so quickly that we aren’t able to stop and hear what we truly know for ourselves. 

We have different terms for intuition. We call it ‘gut feelings’, ‘flashes of inspiration’, an ‘inner knowing’ - they all mean the same thing. Our bodies and minds are giving us everything we need to know about the choices we make, minute by minute. 

For example, you may have had the experience of knowing, deep down, that it was time to leave a job or a relationship or an organization, yet really didn’t want to go through the steps of doing so. 

Once you finally acted on it, you knew it was the best thing for you. (And just know that when it’s best for you, it’s also best for everyone concerned, even though it may not seem like it at first.) 

Sometimes, we hear our intuition talking loud and clear, but we really don’t want to hear! 

We all have different ways of experiencing intuition. Some of us feel it in our bodies – in our stomach, our heart, our shoulders. Some of us get flashes of thoughts or ideas. 

How do you experience intuition? 

We are surrounded by information every day of our lives. Just remember that you also have a fantastic built-in source of information available to you personally – and all it takes to hear it is to pay attention. 

For the next week, start paying attention to your intuition. 

For example, when the phone rings, stop and ask yourself who it is before you pick up the phone (and don’t look at your caller ID!). 

When you have a decision to make, what does your gut tell you to do? How about simply following your intuition this week, rather than putting together a list of pro’s and con’s? 

If you need information to make the decision, get what you need, then make the decision. How many times do you come back to the same decision you would have made originally? 

Where else does your intuition guide you? 

What results do you notice when you follow your intuition?