Making Things Happen


"When people are at their wit's end, 
they're more receptive to change. 
That's when they're most committed
to making things happen." 

Ronit Herzfeld
FAST COMPANY Magazine, June 2000 

We all know that there are certain things in life that would be ‘a good idea’. We understand that maintaining a weight that suits our body type, eating healthy foods, and drinking lots of water are good for us. We realize that exercise makes good sense. We know that smoking is not a healthy habit. 

Does knowing these things cause us to take consistent action on them? 

What if you are unhappy in your work, yet stay in your current situation? How many people remain in relationships that are not serving either person, simply because it seems easier to stay? 

Is there a book inside you that’s waiting to be written? Do you plan to dabble in watercolors ‘someday, when you have more time’? 

What does it take for us to actually take action on the things that we know would improve our lives? 

For many of us, it takes a major crisis to create the motivation to change. Humans are creatures of habit, and even if we really want to change something in our lives, it’s often much easier and more comfortable to remain where we’re at. 

The crisis may be a dramatic health concern, after lots of small warning signs. It may be losing the job you really didn’t like, but were holding tightly to. It may be a messy relationship breakup. Even though these situations are not something you’d chose, many people look back on them as blessings in disguise, as opportunities to make major life changes. 

How much simpler would life be if you started making changes BEFORE the crisis? 

What are the warning signs and signals you’ve been ignoring? What are the yearnings in your heart that you’ve been pretending aren’t there? 

What if you simply started creating the life you wanted, now rather than ‘someday’? 

What is taking up your ‘mind space’ right now? What keeps you awake at night? Is there a sign for you to notice? 

Where have you gotten comfortable, where it might serve you much better to make a change? When will you start making that change?