Your productivity style secret weapon is THE MAVERICK.

You are independent and you love exploring; you want to be yourself and learn about the world. You’re endlessly curious, and you definitely don’t want to feel fenced in. You have passion for what you do, and you want to make a real difference with your clients; you’re not interested in “surface” results.



As a Maverick, you are busy. You have a lot of things on your plate and you often feel overwhelmed.

Because you love learning and exploring, it’s tempting to add more projects, people, and activities. However, as a result, you often feel that your time and energy gets spread too thin.

And it’s taking a toll on you… your ability to move forward in your business the way you’d like, your stress level, your health, your profits.

You want to see results, but you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting your time doing all that “getting organized” stuff. You’ve got more important things to do, so setting up systems and organizing how you’re operating hasn’t been a major priority. You might hear yourself saying things like “I work better under pressure” or “this is the way I stay creative.”

You don’t want too much structure (you love your freedom), but you do want to feel like you’re on track and in control. Making more money in your business would be great, too.



You’ve probably seen tons of books, programs, and experts that teach you how to be more productive, more efficient, and get more done. They show you how to get organized, how to set up your time management system, and how to get better at checking things off your to-do list.

Are your eyes glazing over yet?

As a Maverick, you might even believe that you didn’t get the organizing gene.

Here's the deal: productivity experts are great at teaching practical how-to's, but that's only 5% of what you need for success. The other 95% is determined by your productivity and profit mindset - the emotions behind what you want to do - and that's what traditional productivity experts don't teach you. They don't help you uncover why you get overwhelmed or what makes you want to procrastinate. They don't point out your blind spots. They don't show you how to change what keeps you feeling stuck.

If you're stuck or procrastinating or overwhelmed, all the how-to's in the world will not help you become effortlessly productive, get the important things done, and make the kind of money you want to make.

The great news is that once you have a productivity and profit mindset, the actions get easy.



If you have felt overwhelmed or distracted or scattered with your work, there’s a much easier way to dramatically increase your productivity —  without working harder — get more of the important things done, and improve your profit. You’re ready for a major breakthrough.

The truth is that productivity directly leads to profit. 

And in case you’re worried that getting more productive means you’ll lose your creativity or freedom, take heart. Studies show that when you reduce the number of non-necessary decisions you make, your mind is freed up to be more creative, not less. There’s another way. 

This other way is not about doing more, squeezing more in, and getting hyper-efficient at checking things off your to-do list. It’s not about spending all of your time managing your systems, either.

It’s time to get more done in less time, without feeling like it is too hard or requiring massive will power. You're ready to experience ease and flow in your day. You're ready to end procrastination permanently.

You're ready to make more money, faster and easier.



Your next steps to dramatically increase productivity, passion, and profit in your business:

  • strengthen your productivity and profit mindset (and uncover the hidden emotional triggers that derail you)
  • reorganize your day so you build momentum, generate much more powerful results, and feel refreshed at the end of the day instead of frazzled
  • set up simple yet powerful filing systems for your papers, emails, and computer docs so that you can file and find everything in seconds, that are virtually effortless to maintain
  • clear out the backlog of unnecessary information and documents that are clogging up your system, your energy, and your mind
  • set up an easy, effective method to keep track of your tasks and to-do’s
  • identify your high-payoff activities and prioritize them, while starting to eliminate your lower-payoff activities

Are you ready for YOUR breakthrough?