Move Some Pebbles to Move a Mountain 


"It is better to take many small steps
in the right direction
than to make a great leap forward
only to stumble backward."

Chinese Proverb

Several years ago, one of my mentors made a comment that had a big impact on my life.

And here's what she said:

Everyone has an entire mountain resting right behind them...a mountain of worries, concerns, challenges, obstacles, life events, or fears.

And if they looked right at the mountain, it might seem overwhelming. It could appear too big.

So instead, you start picking up a few pebbles instead.

You handle the small stuff that's right in front of you.

You clear out the clutter.

You say "no" to something you don't want, so you can say "yes" to something you do want.

You have a conversation that you've been avoiding.

You fix the leaky faucet.

You let go of obligations that have been draining your energy.

And as you start handling the small stuff (the pebbles), the bigger stuff starts getting handled, too.

The mountain starts moving, almost on its own, as if by magic.

Picking up a few pebbles starts the ball rolling. The ripple effect begins.

Start easy. Start small.

And trust that you are profoundly influencing something that really matters to you -- your life.