My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy


When you're overwhelmed or too busy, focusing on getting more done isn't the answer.

So what is the answer?

In this counter-intuitive book you’ll discover how to easily sort through what is important and what isn't – and let the non-important things go – so you can put your energy on what truly matters to you instead, with ease and clarity. 

Discover how to:

  • Work fewer hours, yet accomplish much more
  • Let go of things that waste your time and drain your energy
  • Make decisions that are right for you and your business
  • Eliminate “fear of missing out” and “shiny object syndrome” for good
  • Focus on actions that bring you results – and let go of the rest

What People Are Saying

My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy is a must read! Addiction to busyness is a serious problem that finally someone is addressing. Thank you, Sue Rasmussen, for empowering readers to connect with their inner wisdom and shift from overwhelm and busyness to ease and grace.
— Barbara Stanny, bestselling author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women and Sacred Success
A generous work of inspiration. Sue Rasmussen shows us how to find and follow our own kind of simplicity out of the chaos we create. This funny, friendly, smart book is not just about your desk... it’s about clearing your head in anything you do.
— Barbara Sher, bestselling author of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was and Refuse to Choose
This may sound crazy, but reading this book was like going to a spa and talking to the best business guru you’ve ever met – at the same time. Every page of this book will inspire calm, clarity, and pure business sanity. You have to buy this book for absolutely every worried, exhausted and beautiful entrepreneur you know.
— Tama Kieves, bestselling author of Inspired & Unstoppable and A Year without Fear