No Pressure, No Diamonds


"No pressure, no diamonds." 

Mary Case


Just over a week ago, a group of motivated, dedicated, and talented small business owners completed the live beta-test version of my NicheFinding™ program. 

As we started the program, many of the participants answered my question "what are some of your biggest concerns regarding marketing and growing your business?" with the following, often very similar, responses: 




"I have been struggling with this for four years." 

"I really want to clarify who is my ideal client, where I can find them, and how I can reach them with the words and forms of communication that I use." 

"That I'm not clear on who the message is for. No, wait, I'm struggling with differentiating myself in a sea of similar but much different messages. How to name whom I speak to, how best to target them once I find them." 

"Right now, I just don't have clarity - either around my niche or for my business. I sense, though, if I gain clarity around my niche, I can then set more specific goals for my business." 

As each business owner worked through the program, they came face-to-face with some decisions to make about their business. 

Who is their ideal client? What do they offer their ideal clients? What do they want their business to stand for? 

These are not always the easiest questions to answer. The pressure can seem enormous to make the 'right decision'. 

The participants took a hard look at their individual businesses and made significant decisions about the foundation of their business. They allowed themselves to sometimes feel nervous about making commitments to the direction of their business, and they moved ahead anyway. They trusted themselves and what they wanted for their business. 

Making business decisions can seem like a tough thing to do, involving a lot of pressure. And yet, what is so tough about it? What if you make a decision that turns out to be a mistake? Yes, that's possible. If so, what is the worst thing that can happen? You learn from it and make a new decision, that's all. So either way, you win. 

In my experience with clients (as well as in my own life), I have found that it is much better to clearly look at your options, trust your gut, make a decision, and confidently move forward. Even if the decision takes you in a direction you later realize is not the direction you want, you are far better off with that realization and then making a new decision than sitting on the fence forever without making a decision at all. 

And in the act of making decisions and moving forward, diamonds starting showing up for the participants: 





"...I struggled for a couple of years with identifying a specific niche for my coaching became very clear that I wanted to assist women who have home based businesses get their finances organized so they can build their wealth. After just 4 weeks...I launched The Finance & Wealth Coaching Program which attracted over 20 clients within the first two months..." 

Laurie Munos, CPCC
President and Finance Coach 





"I am fired up with enthusiasm now." 

Stuart E. Nelson, LL.B. 
Coach to the Legal Profession 





"...have been a great way of getting me to focus on clarifying who I really want to work with — and it feels great! I have started to tell other people, and I can see that they "get" what I do — which is brilliant!" 


Congratulations, everyone! Keep uncovering diamonds! 






  1. What decision have you held off making in your business?
  2. How will your business change once you have made that decision? What diamonds are there to uncover?
  3. What else will you need to be able to make that decision? More information? Trusting your intuition? Just going ahead and making the decision?
  4. Get whatever else you need to make your decision, and make the decision!
  5. Move forward with confidence in your decision.