Rethink Your Commute


“It’s time to simplify your life
when you spend more time
driving to the office each day
than you spend with your kids.” 

Elaine St. James 

I have lived in several large cities and simply getting around takes a lot of energy! 

And when I worked at large corporations (back before I started working for myself, at home!), I often had huge commutes every day.

For many of us, commuting an hour or more each way on a regular basis has become common, whether it's to go to work, shop, get to the airport, or visit family and friends.

And if you go to a job away from home, that’s over 10 hours a week just to get to work and back! And those 10 hours aren’t typically relaxing hours – they’re usually filled with stop-and-go traffic, red lights, and high stress levels. 

Not my idea of fun! 

How can you reduce the time you spend commuting, and/or enjoy it more? 

You have many options! 

You might see if you can slightly (or dramatically!) change your work schedule; leaving even 10 minutes earlier or later can make a huge difference in the level of traffic, which can directly affect both your commute time and your stress level during the drive. Does your company offer telecommuting? If not, maybe they’d be willing to consider it. 

How about choosing a new route to work? Sometimes a slightly longer route can be much more enjoyable if it gets you off the freeway (I always pick the most scenic route whenever possible!). Another way to decrease your commute stress levels is to always allow yourself way more than enough time to reach your destination. Being rushed or late is like a magnet for slow traffic, an accident, or a flat tire! 

Another way to energize your commute might include listening to books on tape while you drive (I’ve actually driven FARTHER than I needed to, simply because I’d reached a great point in the story!)

How about getting a great car stereo so you can fully enjoy your favorite music? 

If your day is filled with commotion and noise, why not use your commute as ‘quiet time’, turning off your radio and cell phone and enjoying the silence? 

Best of all, what if you lived close to where you worked?! 

Note: Please don’t talk on your cell phone, read (yes, I’ve seen people reading novels on the freeway as they drive), or do anything else that takes your attention off what you’re really doing – which is driving! 

Choose one thing that you will do today to make your commute more enjoyable.