Seek Inspiration


“Our aspirations are our possibilities.” 

Samuel Johnson 

As many of you know, I’m a huge movie fan – for me, movies are magical. They can inspire us, uplift us, make us inquire into our own lives, entertain us, make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. 

When we’re watching a movie, we often become completely involved in the story. 

We can actually feel the emotions being played out on the screen, and our bodies don’t know the difference between real and make-believe. 

Physiologically, if we’re inspired by something we see or hear, our bodies react (the same way we react when we watch a scary or intense movie and our pulse races). 

So seek inspiration in what’s around you! 

Movies are bigger than life. 

And when we pay attention, they often carry messages that can dramatically impact our lives. 

Here is a brief list of some of my favorite movies and the inspirational messages they’ve given me. 



  • Life As a House: the amazing power of family (one of my very favorite movies)
  • Sliding Doors: split second timing and the value of choices
  • Pay It Forward: we DO make a difference, often in unexpected ways
  • Steel Magnolias: connection and friendship mean everything
  • Indian Summer: nostalgia for times spent at the cabin
  • Dead Poets Society: carpe diem!
  • Rudy: going after your dreams against huge odds
  • Full Monty: stepping out of the box, even when you're absolutely terrified
  • The Journey: fully live your own journey
  • Chocolat: the road less traveled 

When you surround yourself by things that inspire you and uplift you, that inspiration becomes part of you. 

Movies, wonderful books, music, people, your own life – find out what inspires you. 

I’m always inspired by people who do what they love, what they’re passionate about – especially when they’ve made major changes in their lives to make it happen. 

Start looking for the inspiration that is everywhere around you…see your neighbor who absolutely loves tending his rosebushes. Watch your sister become an amazing mother (like mine!). Notice when your friend does something he’s always wanted to do – like accepting a part in a play, or learning to play an instrument. Pay attention to the stranger who smiles at you in line at the grocery store. See how your parents have taught you so many things. 

How do you inspire yourself and the people around you? 

How are you following your own dreams? In what ways are you adding joy to the world? With what specific actions do you ‘pay it forward’? 

See a fabulous movie this week! Choose a favorite that has always inspired you, or a new one you’ve been waiting to see, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Are you excited, happy, moved, inspired to take action?