Why The Silverware Drawer
Is The Perfect Organizer


"Have a time and place for everything, 
and do everything in its time and place, 
and you will not only accomplish more, 
but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying."

Tryon Edwards


Finding a great silverware organizer is the easiest way to set up your silverware drawer to look great - and to stay that way.

And in my opinion, clearing out clutter and organizing in all other areas of the house should take their cue from this simple organizer tool. 

It is, quite simply, the perfect organizing tool..and it follows all the guidelines for great organizing techniques. 

1. Simple design

First, it has a very simple design: there are divided sections with clearly defined areas for knives, spoons, and forks (and the better options have segments for small AND large forks and spoons, making your job even easier). 

2. Everything has a home

Again, your forks, spoons, knives, and other utensils have a clear home. You know where the spoons go...they go in the spoon area. No guessing, no worry, no wondering where you'll put the spoons this time. They go in the same place every time. 

3. Easy to maintain

Ridiculously easy to maintain, even. So simple that a 4-year-old child can, with a bit of instruction, put away the silverware in the right spot every time, no mistakes. And the drawer will look good afterwards. 

4. Looks great

Once you've put the organizer in your silverware drawer, it becomes very easy to keep it looking great. 

While I certainly love organized drawers, I also want them to look great. I mean, what's the point of organizing if you don't love the way the space looks? 

And if you start thinking of every other area in your home and life with the same guidelines as you find in your silverware drawer, you'll find that things get much easier to organize.