Staying Stuck vs. Moving Ahead Questions


"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory." 

Friedrich Engels 

When we’re faced with ‘less than perfect’ circumstances in our lives, we have choices about how we respond. 

A common response is to ask questions like “why did this happen?”, “why did he/she say that?”, or “why am I in this situation?”…these ‘why’ questions are searching for more information. 

This type of question seeks to clarify, to better understand. 

Yet these questions don’t actually help you move forward – these are ‘staying stuck’ kinds of questions. 

A simpler (and much more effective!) way of responding is to start asking ‘moving ahead’ questions. 

For example, asking ‘what’ questions like “what can I learn from this situation?”, “what are my options?”, or “what changes can I make?” help you focus on moving ahead and taking action.