Steer Clear of Negativity


“The strangest and most fantastic fact
about negative emotions
is that people actually worship them.”

P.D. Ouspensky

Think of the last time you were around a friend or colleague who was saying something negative…how did you feel? 

Were you full of energy, smiling, and feeling good? 

Probably not! 

Being around chronically negative people can really drain our energy. 

You likely know people who spend most of their time complaining about something, who like to tell other people how bad things really are. 

Negative people actually get their energy complaining to others…not necessarily healthy energy, but energy nonetheless. 

And if you attempt to ‘cheer them up’ or ‘point out the positive’, you may find that your efforts are met with a ‘yes, but…’ or a new list of evidence about how bad thing are. 

When you’re around negativity, it’s very easy to get pulled into that energy. It can bring you down in an instant if you let it. 

So you have choices…and the easiest is to simply spend less time with the chronically negative people in your life. You can often just gracefully bow out of gripe sessions. 

Depending on your situation, you may choose to have a conversation with the person who is chronically negative – they may not even be aware that they’re doing it. 

Is there anyone in you life who is chronically negative? If so, how can you simply bow out and spend less time with the person? Would a conversation with that person be in order? 

Choose one action this week to reduce or eliminate the time and energy you spend with people who affect you negatively.