The Joys Of The (Much) Smaller Home


"...we wanted the things in our lives
- our home, our cars, our clothes, our diets, our finances - 
to be small enough and few enough and simple enough
that we could easily take care of them ourselves."

Elaine St. James


As you may know, I have moved a lot in my life (30-plus moves). 

I've also been extremely fortunate to experience living in many different kinds of homes, in different states and different countries. I've lived near the ocean, in the mountains, near lakes, on the prairie, and in the desert. 

I've lived in everything from very big homes down to tiny studio apartments with barely enough room for three hangers in the closet. 

And here's what I've learned: 

I absolutely love living in much smaller spaces. 

Yes, big fancy homes are nice. They are impressive. They certainly say something to the neighbors. 

But are they delightful to live in? Are they easy to take care of? Are they inviting, welcome, cozy, charming? 

Here are just a few of the joys of the (much) smaller home: 

  • You can clean it (yourself!) in about half an hour - especially if you've been reading my other articles about clearing out clutter
  • You don't need nearly as much furniture, so you can get what you really love
  • You can't accumulate too much stuff...there simply isn't room
  • Your heating and cooling costs are much lower, not to mention your mortgage
  • You actually USE the space in your home, rather than just looking at it (people tend to want to spend time in cozy nooks or warm corners of the kitchen rather than the big open formal living room)
  • You get to be very creative in how you use your space
  • You can decide not to have guests or host big dinners if you choose
  • You won't waste space in the house...either in soaring ceilings or rooms you rarely use
  • You won't have the worry and stress that often come from owning and maintaining a large home (you may not even recognize the high level of stress until you've let the large house go)

And because you spend so much less time maintaining your (much) smaller house, you can spend more of your time enjoying your life.

If you want to simplify a lot of areas of your life all at once, moving to a smaller, charming, easy-to-care-for home is one great way to do it!