The Magic of Focus


"You can't know where to begin as long as your focus
is on working with anyone. 
But once you define precisely
who you're most interested in and best suited to serve, 
almost as if by magic, 
you'll have an idea about where to begin." 

Paul and Sarah Edwards 


Many of the people I meet in my work are wonderful speakers and business owners, they have exceptional gifts to share, and yet they don't feel they are moving forward in building their businesses in the way they hoped. In fact, they often aren't quite sure what their next step will be. Even though they have strong messages, services, and products to share, they typically don't have a clear audience with whom to share that message. 

Having a powerful, compelling, and profitable niche involves two distinct things: 




1. knowing exactly who your audience is (your target market or ideal client) 

2. knowing exactly what services and products you offer to fit the specific needs of that audience 

If either one of these is missing, you'll have a tough time generating the kind of momentum that results in an on-going stream of well-paying business. 

Focusing on exactly what you most want (the kinds of clients you most like to work with and how you best serve those clients) is incredibly powerful. Like magic, you'll start to notice all the ways you can effectively reach those clients. You'll become aware of opportunities that you weren't aware of before. 

It's the same phenomenon that most of us experience when we decide to purchase a particular kind of car. You start thinking about that car, researching and learning all about the car, you get excited about that kind of car...and most importantly, you start seeing that kind of car driving everywhere. That kind of car was on the road all along, but once you decide that's the car you most want, you just start noticing it! Before that point, it simply wasn't on your radar. 

The magic of focus in your business works the same way; once you focus, your radar starts attracting what you want into your path. And you start noticing. 





  1. If you haven't already done so, be sure to take my free NicheQuiz™ self-assessment to see how focused your business really is. 
  2. Start talking with your clients and prospects and ask them to tell you what they think it is that you do. You may be surprised at what you hear.
  3. Start noticing what shows up!