The Urgent Haircut


"Change always comes bearing gifts." 

Price Pritchett


Have you ever had one of those days where you absolutely, positively had to get your hair cut that day?!? 

Even though it made no "sense" and didn't fit into your plans that day? 

That was yesterday for me. 

I already had a haircut scheduled for next week (when you have short hair, you get it cut often!) 

But even knowing I only had to wait 7 days was not enough yesterday...I trusted my inner guidance, rearranged my entire schedule and basically threw my day into disarray so I could get my hair cut immediately. I even went to an 'unknown' hairstylist (as much as I love my regular hairstylist), simply because I totally knew I needed a complete change. 

Bought different shampoo (Rosemary Mint by Aveda - love it). Went super short with the cut. And I've recently let my hair go silver/'s how it looks today (met a wonderful couple at the coffee shop as I was writing this newsletter who took this photo): 

And was it worth it, to change my entire day to fit in a haircut? 

Absolutely, it was worth it! 

I woke up today smiling, relaxed, and ready to go. 

Where in your life are you ready for a change? 

Where are you feeling gently tapped on the shoulder by your inner guidance...or is your guidance a bit more persistent, like mine was yesterday? 

Your change might be as "simple" as a haircut, or as seemingly complicated as a major life change like changing your job, your relationship, or where you live. 

Even though it might mean rearranging some things in your life, letting go of stuff and beliefs and habits and ways of being, and might even mean a short-term complete disruption of the way you are used to living, just know that it is absolutely worth it.