Unclutter Your Spirit

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Unclutter Your Spirit

Your stuff has been trying to get your attention.

What if the stuff in your home was much more than just… stuff? What if the things around you were a direct map to what’s going on inside you: your beliefs, your resistance, your story of your past, your fears and doubts, and also your joy and your connection to your inner wisdom?


Your home has the power to show you where you’re on track – and off track – and bring you back into alignment. In the process of cleaning up your physical stuff, you connect with your inner wisdom, unlock your creativity, raise your vibration, and create room for what you want more of in your life.

The real magic lies in the combination of clearing clutter and clearing the attachments you have to your stuff at the same time. The attachments are the inner blocks, limiting beliefs, and unprocessed memories that keep you stuck at a subconscious level. Using mind-body techniques, such as muscle testing and tapping, you can release inner blocks you weren’t even aware of, that affect every aspect of your life.

This book will help you:

  • use the everyday items in your home as a treasure map to uncover hidden resistance to growth and development;
  • unravel old stories that are no longer serving you, and release your past;
  • let go of limitations that get in the way of your authentic self;
  • release what no longer serves you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual;
  • expand your comfort zone and reach your unlimited potential;
  • come into alignment with who you really are.

Drawing on a combination of practical clutter-clearing exercises, mind-body techniques, and spiritual wisdom, Unclutter Your Spirit encourages and inspires you to reach your next level of personal and professional growth by releasing what no longer serves you.

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Oh my GOODNESS, is this ever a powerful book for women, and from my perspective, so relevant to mothers especially! I loved reading Marie Kondo’s book and regularly thumb through our closets looking for things that no longer bring me joy, but something about that didn’t seem enough. Unclutter Your Spirit takes it to the next level, by helping you uncover the why about why you hold onto things past their usefulness and joy. I am thrilled that Sue Rasmussen included a lesson on how to do muscle testing of my own - I am already using it to help me uncover the stories I’m telling myself about my things, and I can tell I’m freeing myself from the shackles that are holding me back from being an even better version of my self. Bonus? My home space feels so much more clear!!
— Sara Blanchard, mother's wellness advocate and best-selling author of Flex Mom
Unclutter Your Spirit offers a fantastic and light-hearted approach to looking at your ‘stuff’ as more than just personal items. Sue Rasmussen will take you on a fun journey through your clutter to help you learn about yourself – identifying subconscious blocks and beliefs, what messages your physical belongings may have for you, and how to go about releasing anything you aren’t in alignment with. Sue’s six powerful steps of identifying and clearing clutter will not only free up your space of unnecessary items, but help you find freedom in the rest of your world, as well. Beautifully written, like you have a friend by your side the entire time!
— Amy B. Scher, author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can
Unclutter Your Spirit is a life-changing journey through unblocking your psyche and your life using clutter clearing. Sue shows how clutter is not just about your ‘stuff’ but is also about how we energetically entangle and hold ourselves back. It teaches you how to tap into your body’s intuitive knowledge to free up energy for living the life that you want.
— JoAnn Hanson, Investment Advisor
Unclutter Your Spirit is a fitting title for this transformative book. If you’ve been feeling stuck in life or business, applying these simple yet surprisingly powerful techniques will help you move forward. There are so many books on clearing clutter out there – this is so much more. It’s a primer for using the stuff in your life as tools for unearthing the treasures of your psyche. I’m imagining if Carl Jung would have been alive to witness the de-cluttering phenomenon, this is the book he would have given all of his patients. Be brave. Do this work. Your life will thank you.
— Kimberly V. Schneider, author of Everything You Need Is Right Here: Five Steps to Manifesting Magic and Miracles
This is a lovely little gem of a find. The ideas and tips are really new and not just a re-hash of other unclutter-your-life books. I love Sue’s easy, accessible style and she is really inspiring. I’m happy I read this book!
— Allison Simson, Owner, Summit Real Estate
It’s hard to find a book that is so clear, down-to-earth, and practical and at the same time so wise, nuanced, and rich. Your perspective on clutter will be transformed and, if you do the work, so will your life.
— Margaret L. Newhouse, Ph.D.
The how-to-simplify movement has many voices. Sue Rasmussen’s is unique. This book is about far more than getting rid of things; it is a journey into why we were holding on to them. And, with those powerful insights, she teaches us how to truly let go.
— Emily McMason, Parent Coach
Sue Rasmussen hands us a potent gem within the first few pages of this book “...if we are willing to look directly at our limiting beliefs, painful memories and uncomfortable emotions, they start to lose their power over us.” Becoming liberated from these old patterns is one the most empowering gifts we could ever receive. Upon opening our eyes to this gift Sue takes us on a journey of discovery about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that is holding us back from living our most authentic expression. She then outlines simple steps to reduce melange of ‘stuff’ that continually kicks us out of alignment. WOW! What a powerhouse this book is. Simple and straightforward, Unclutter Your Spirit is a guide that has the potential to set you free to live the grandest version of yourself.
— Corey Stiles, Life Coach and best-selling author of Grief Interrupted
I love this book! Sue Rasmussen nails it in her book, Unclutter Your Spirit: How Your Home Is a Treasure Map to Your Authentic Self. This book has been so impactful for me on my journey into examining why I can’t let go of things I no longer use or need. Having recently moved to another country, I went through the grueling process of “downsizing”. What I discovered however, was that despite thinking I was clearing out, I was still holding on to so much! I was attached to things I believed I couldn’t part with, only to discover what I was really holding onto was old stories and limitations. Thanks to Sue’s book, I can now let go, of “stuff” physically and much more importantly, mentally. This book is not just about de-cluttering, but about forever cleaning out the obstacles that hold you back. Thank you Sue, I have emerged, lighter, truer, a more authentic ME!
— Kim Benjamin, writing coach and best-selling author of Attorney by Day, Novelist by Night
I’m using some of your techniques today and loving them. I’m starting in my kitchen. This cabinet was FULL and overflowing with recipe books. I took each one and tried to see how it made me feel. I kept one from my mom and one I use a lot. End result I have a lot more space in this cabinet and a nice full bag of books for goodwill. I do feel a lift letting it go. Then my 14-year-old asked what I was doing and I described your techniques and what I was doing. She took 4 bags up to her room and an hour later they were full. We clean her room all the time but this was the first time she was able to make those decisions easily herself! Very cool!!!
— Nancy Larson