Using EFT Is Like Inner Clutter Clearing


I’m a firm believer that if something makes you feel bad (even when it’s a perfectly good item), it’s time to get rid of it.

With physical stuff, you can move it on out of your life by taking it to Goodwill, tossing it in the trash, or giving it away.

With the inner clutter -- like feelings of inadequacy, guilt, fear of failure, fear of success, worry about the future, regrets about the past -- it can feel easier said than done to just toss them out.

Intellectually, you can decide to not feel them anymore. You can try to convince yourself that they’re not true. You can use affirmations over and over and over to try to feel better.

But all that inner stuff can really hang on.


Because those emotions (and how they got there in the first place) are still lingering deep in your subconscious.

Your emotional, subconscious mind is a lot more powerful than your rational, conscious mind. You simply can’t think your way out of those emotions, and ignoring them doesn’t mean they have gone away.

However, with EFT, you send signals to the brain and the body to react with calm. Tapping has been proven to dramatically reduce cortisol levels, reduce stress, and neutralize the upset you feel.

So to me, EFT is the best inner clutter-clearing tool around.

Each time you tap, you release a layer of inner negative self-talk, stress, or worry. Each time you tap, you’re clearing another layer of inner clutter.

And what’s left under the inner clutter?


The shining, wonderful, confident, happy self that you always were.

If the inner clutter is keeping you stuck, I may be able to help you clear it faster than you would on your own. Let's talk and see.