What Are You Really Looking For?


"Every goal, every action, every thought, 
every feeling one experiences,
whether it be consciously or unconsciously known,
is an attempt to increase
one's level of peace of mind."

Sidney Madwed


Have you ever noticed how stressed or frustrated or overwhelmed most of us are, no matter what's going on in our lives? 

And we keep searching for an answer...something that will help us feel better. 

The way many of us look for the answer is somewhere outside ourselves, whether it's buying a new boat or pair of shoes, or losing weight, or getting our kids through college, or taking another class, or reading the newest self-help book. 

Or we believe we will be happy once we've achieved financial success, or written our best-seller, or cleaned out the garage. 

Now don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with any of those things. 

But the problem comes when we believe that these external circumstances are required before we will feel better. 

The truth is, we can learn to cultivate peace of mind in the midst of whatever circumstances we experience - right here, right now. 

And here's what it takes. In the words of Brian Tracy, "Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it." 

When you focus on peace of mind first, no matter what is going on in your life, you can still buy the new boat, get your kids through college, and clean out the garage. 

You'll just enjoy the process a whole lot more. 

So how do you cultivate peace of mind? 

The first step is to simply notice whenever you're feeling anything else, whether it's anger, frustration, fear, or anything other than peace. 

Second, remind yourself that peace of mind is your highest intention, and take a few deep breaths. Often, simply slowing down and remembering is enough to bring you back to peace. 

Third, ask yourself "what would support my peace of mind right now?" 

And then listen for the answer. You may discover that you need to take a nap. Or that you've been hard on yourself, and it's time to be gentle with yourself (always!) Or that you want to journal, or spend time in nature, or simply enjoy the quiet. 

You truly do have access to peace of mind at any time...you just need to remember that it's what you have really been looking for all along. 

And the only place to find it is inside yourself.