What Are You Waiting For?


Some people will not like what I'm going to say. 

Some of you will feel pressured and triggered and upset. 

And I’m okay with that.

Here’s why.

I want so much for women entrepreneurs… and at the same time, I see how women hold themselves back

Most of the time I feel compassionate and understanding, even though it breaks my heart, especially when I know that there are solutions.

However, today I am angry about it. 

I'm angry about the lives that won't be changed (including their own) because many women are not handling what's holding them back.

I hear women all the time who have very specific challenges that are getting in the way of their business. They say these challenges are a major priority to solve. They know they are not moving forward in their business because of these challenges.

And yet, they don’t make it a priority to solve them.

They talk about solving them. They take webinars and do strategy sessions with experts who can help them. They read lots of newsletters and books that they think might help. 

But they don’t commit 100% to solving the problem. 

They get scared.

They come up with tons of excuses:


“I’m going on vacation, so now’s not the best time for me to handle this.”

“I need to ask my husband if it’s in our budget.”

“I need to think about it.”

"I'm really busy right now."


These reasons sound very good in their mind. They’re socially acceptable reasons. They’re rational.

But here’s what you need to hear.

These reasons will stop you forever. 

There is never a good time to transform your life. You will always have holidays, projects, company coming to stay, family members getting sick, breaking your arm, travel to Africa, and just too many thousands of other things on your plate.

Seriously. There is never a good time to transform your life. It’s never convenient. It’s rarely urgent. It’s not yelling in your face like all the big and small emergencies and day-to-day things in your life.

You have to choose to transform your life. And if there's something you know needs to get resolved, right now is the time to do it. Not later, when you have more time. ‘Cuz that time isn’t coming.

You need to ask your husband? Yes, I get that you are partners in life. But seriously, when you’re in business for yourself, you need to have some funds that are all yours, that you have 100% freedom to use to invest in your business. Without asking for permission. If you’re not investing in your business, in yourself, your business will never be more than a hobby. 

Harsh? Yep.

True? Absolutely.

You need to think about it? Really? After you’ve decided that it’s a huge block in the way of your success, and resolving it is one of your most important priorities? You need to think about it? 

What, exactly, do you need to think about? 

You can take all the freebie webinars and do the intro sessions and read the books and newsletters. You think that means you’re changing. You think that means you’re moving forward. 

But transformation is so much bigger than a few tips. So much more challenging. So much deeper. 

Transformation means you lean right into the stuff that scares you or challenges you to the core, and you deal with what’s there. You go underneath the tips and strategies (because those are the easy part), and you discover what you believe, the stuff that’s been getting in your way. You uncover your fears and your doubts… because make no mistake, they are there and that’s what stops you. 

And here’s the deal about transformation.

You are unlikely to do it on your own. Not that you can’t, but most people can’t even see their own blind spots. If you could, you would have already handled this.

What are you waiting for? 

What's the big thing that you really want, the thing that's bigger than you are, that scares you enough to be worth dealing with the obstacles?

What needs to get handled that is stopping you, that challenge you’ve been putting off resolving?

What transformation are you wanting, that you've said "not yet" to?

Where are you stuck, that you've been avoiding?

If this email struck a chord with you, you know what I’m talking about. 

You know what this feels like.

If so, find support. 

Find the person or people who can help you with the challenge that is keeping you stuck. Know that you’re going to be scared or full of doubts. If what you want is big enough, fear and doubt are a natural part of the process. Get support, and handle the challenge. 

If you want something, and you know something is getting in the way of you getting it, what are you waiting for? 

Sending you lots of love,

P.S. I may or may not be the right person to help you resolve the challenge you are ready to resolve. If not, I've got a big network of coaches and experts, and may be able to help you find the person who is right for you.