What Is Complicating Your Life?


"Suddenly I realized I no longer wanted
my life to be that complicated."

Elaine St. James, Simplify Your Life


Have you ever looked at your stuff and your activities and your life and wondered how it got so complicated? 

Me, too. 

It seems like we have a habit of accumulating, doesn't it? 

Keeping your life balanced and sane is a juggling act, and means making choices every day. 

The choices may not always be easy. 

They may involve saying "no" more than you're comfortable with. Or even harder, saying "no" to someone you love, or your boss, or your kids or spouse or parents. 

If you're feeling like life has gotten a bit (or a lot) complicated lately, it may be time for a review of what's in your life. 

Take a look at the stuff in your life. Look at your desk. Check out your closet. See what's sitting on your kitchen counter. Take a peek in the garage. 

Get out your calendar, your planner, or your Blackberry and see what's on your schedule this week. Is there anything on there that makes you groan or feel stressed or overwhelmed or upset in any way? 

If so, that item or activity is complicating your life. Even if it seems like it's really important or you used to love it or whatever, it's draining your energy. Is there a way to dump it, or delegate it, or change it so it feels better? 

You may have discovered, to your dismay, that most of what's in your life or on your schedule drains your energy. 

If that's so for you, it may be time to gently and slowly start letting go of one thing or activity or task or 'obligation' at a time to give yourself some breathing room, and then allowing yourself the gift of sitting in the empty space that you create. 

We change. Our interests change. Our available time and energy changes. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or drained, something is complicating your life. The good news is that you can change it. 

You can let go.