What Is EFT Tapping?

"EFT is often called emotional acupuncture
because it combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points
while focusing your thoughts on pain, unhappy memories,
uncomfortable emotions…or any other problem."

Gary Craig
Stanford engineer and developer of EFT


EFT is a very simple yet extremely powerfulset of meridian tapping techniques using acupressure points that disengage the stress response our body experiences when we think certain thoughts, feel certain emotions, or remember unpleasant memories. And when we remove the stress response, we can regain access to our inner wisdom, make new choices, and take new actions…effortlessly, without unknowingly sabotaging ourselves.


The history of EFT

EFT was developed by Stanford engineer and performance coach Gary Craig. Craig had studied with Dr. Roger Callahan, a psychologist who had borrowed upon the ancient 6,000 year old energy meridian points from Chinese Medicine, using it to cure phobias (Callahan called his technique Thought Field Therapy).

Gary Craig simplified the method and called it Emotional Freedom Techniques (or simply EFT).


What can you expect from EFT?

In study after study, EFT has proven to be highly effective in enhancing the body’s ability to change behavior patterns, overcome negative beliefs, and eliminate stress. EFT is often referred to as “tapping” or “emotional acupressure” because you are using fingers, not needles, to tap on these various points while thinking of your problem, issue, or challenge.

EFT is also very powerful in eliminating self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Experiencing traumatic events, especially as children (even quite simple experiences can feel traumatic and life-threatening to children), we often come to decisions about life and about ourselves that have negative and life-long consequences unless they are addressed. With EFT, we can address these core beliefs simply, easily, and quickly.

With EFT, there is no long, drawn-out, “tell me your life story” aspect.

No painful over-and-over reliving and retelling of past traumatic events.

No pills. No prescriptions.

No trying to talk yourself into anything or pretending that you feel differently than you do.

What might have formerly taken years of work to resolve a core issue or belief (if it got resolved at all), can often be accomplished in just a few sessions with EFT.


It is said that 1 hour of EFT is equivalent
to 100 hours of traditional approaches.


EFT is fast, easy, and the results are often dramatic and long lasting (usually permanent). In addition, EFT often works when nothing else will.

In fact, the results I’ve seen over and over again with EFT seem almost unbelievable or miraculous.

And believe me, I was a huge skeptic when I first heard about EFT…so if you’re thinking, “yeah, right” I completely understand.


Does EFT really work?

The foundation of EFT is a common-sense blend of acupuncture and mind-body techniques, both of which have decades of scientific studies supporting them. The effectiveness of these techniques has been so profound that prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and many other universities, clinics, and hospitals have chosen to use and/or study them.

To me, however, the real proof of EFT’s effectiveness lies in how well it works for you.

One of the best online resources for EFT is EFTUniverse, which offers basic tutorials as well as a treasure trove of case studies documenting the wide variety of issues EFT helps resolve.


You can easily learn EFT

One of my favorite aspects of EFT is that you can learn to do the tapping itself in a couple of minutes, and learn the rest of the basic technique in less than an hour.

To learn how to do the basics, use this EFT Tapping Tutorial. You'll also need to know the EFT tapping points which you can find here: Tapping Pressure Points.