What’s Stopping You Today?


"Eliminate physical clutter. 
More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter."

D.H. Mondfleur 


Yes, I have had a lot going on over the last month, with my move, several significant trips, and launching a high-level program. 

But the main reason you haven’t heard from me lately is that I did not ‘feel ready.’ 

Here is what has stopped me in my tracks: 

1. I’m in the process of complely rebranding my website. It’s a big job, and is taking much longer than I expected…primarily because of reason number 2. 

2. I’m expanding my business to include my life purpose (more to come as I unveil my life purpose and what I’m most passionate about – which has also scared me more than anything I have ever done!). 

3. I’m having my newsletter completely redesigned…so things definitely don’t feel settled and in place! 

And because I haven’t felt ready, I didn’t write my newsletter. I haven’t connected with you the way I wanted to this last month. 

In a nutshell, I didn’t want to look unprepared. I wanted everything to be perfect first! 

And now I wonder why on earth I waited! 

Do you ever do that? 

Have you ever held off from doing something important because you didn’t feel like you had all your ducks in a row, or because things weren’t perfect yet, or because you didn’t feel like you knew enough, or because you were afraid or unsure of the outcome of what you wanted to do? 

You can probably tell the difference if it truly isn’t the time to move forward with something, or if you aren’t moving forward based on some fear or worry. 

Two very different things, right? 

Our creative ego minds make up all kinds of interesting and rational-sounding ‘reasons’ why we shouldn’t go after our dreams (or send out a newsletter, or follow-up with a client, or dare to go after the love of our life). 

And the kick is that we believe these ‘reasons!’ 

Next time you hear yourself say “I’m not doing this because _____” or “I’m waiting because ____”, check to see if you’re operating out of faith or fear. 

Operating out of faith means that you have a strong intuitive or gut feeling about something, and you somehow just know, even if you can find all kinds of reasons that might suggest otherwise, and even though other people might think what you want to do sounds crazy, that it’s time for you to take a particular action, or that it’s time for you to wait to take a particular action. 

Faith-based knowing typically feels very calm and peaceful. 

Faith-based decisions are your guidance that you’re on the right path. 

You can trust yourself completely. 

(And I can tell you from experience that every time I haven’t listened to that inner knowing, I have regretted it.) 

Operating out of fear, however, means that you are choosing to do or not do something based on fear, lack, worry, or some other emotion or feeling that is definitely less than powerful. 

Fear-based decisions never, ever take you in the direction you are headed. They keep you small. They keep you fearful. 

I call these fear-based thoughts and decisions ‘clutter’…they are a layer of beliefs that keep us from being who we are here to be, and from doing what we’re here to do. 

Anything stopping you today? 

What’s a faith-based decision you can make instead? 

That’s all it takes to get back on your path!