Where Are You In Your Creative Cycle?


"Experienced creative women know that
their creativity moves in cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.
Surrendering to the cycles instead of fighting with them
is a skill of the creative warrior."

Gail McMeekin
The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

There are two reasons why I write articles (or write anything, for that matter).

The first reason I write is purely selfish. I write about what fascinates me. I write about what I'm experiencing in my own life. I write about what I want to discover more about. I write to put pieces of the puzzle together. I write to learn.

The second reason I write is about sharing what I've learned with you. (I often feel like an explorer who goes out to study and learn and experience and explore, then comes back to report what I've discovered.)

I wrote today's article because I needed to read it myself ... because I needed to remember to surrender to my creative cycles when I get antsy.

And I bet you could use a little reminder as well.

I don't know about you, but I often have this feeling ... this very convincing expectation, even ... that my creativity, productivity, and "getting things done" should be like a machine.

Like I should always be able to produce on demand. I hear the same thing from lots of you, so I know I'm not alone in this belief.

But the truth is, I've discovered that there is a wonderful creative cycle that occurs naturally...and it is intentionally and perfectly designed to give us the juice we need to be our best.

And when we learn to follow our own cycle, amazing things show up.

I've seen this very recently in my own life. Without warning, I found myself in cocoon mode...I've been reading books, journaling, and spending hours and hours in self-reflection, self-care, sleeping, quietly working with private clients, and more journaling.

My cocoon was completely absorbing. I sat down many times to write this newsletter and to finalize some new programs I'm creating, and the inner response I got was "wait just one more week." And then "now wait just one more week."

And that is the hardest part of the creative process for me. I much prefer being in action.

But forcing action when it's time to surrender and allow is not productive. It creates burnout, poor results, exhaustion, overwhelm, and all kinds of other not-so-fun side effects.

In the midst of my cocoon, I did some research and discovered that in both the creative and spiritual arenas, there are some wonderful ways of describing this part of the creative cycle.

Some of my favorite descriptions include the "Creative Void"...or even better, the "Fertile Void."

The point of the "Fertile Void" is to turn inward. To surrender. To allow. To rejuvenate.

And almost without realizing it, in due course the energy then shifts into creation and action again.

So if you notice yourself pushing or trying to force something into being, consider that it may be time to surrender to the "Fertile Void" for the moment. Follow your inner voice. Rest. Clear out some clutter. Rearrange the furniture. Curl up in your favorite comfy chair and read.

And trust that when it's time, you'll be filled with juice, energy, and creativity again.