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i help women

become clutter-free


focused. productive. confident.

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Are distractions and overwhelm keeping you from making a bigger impact?


✔ Does everything pile up in your inbox and on your desk?

✔ Does it feel like you’ll never get on top of your workload or feel in control?

✔ Is decision fatigue setting in?

✔ Are you facing information — and opinion — overload?

✔ Does it feel like you make an inch of progress in a thousand directions?

✔ Do you struggle to finish your “to-do” lists?

Thank you, Sue Rasmussen, for empowering readers to… shift from overwhelm and busyness to ease and grace.
— Barbara Stanny, bestselling author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women and Sacred Success

get more done

By eliminating the non-essentials, you have plenty of time to get the important things done.

do what you love

When you clear out everyone else’s opinions and processes, you are able to focus on your gifts and passions.

live your calling

When you let go of what is not you, you’re free to do the work you were uniquely designed to do.

Discover how the process has helped women like you

clear away the clutter

that has been slowing them down

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Over 6,000 happy clients in 29 countries


“I am very picky about programs that I do, and I have to say that Sue’s program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As she says, it starts with the clutter, but it is NOT really about the clutter!”

— Christi Collins, director

“Sue's work is inspiring… by clearing the physical clutter from my life, I am able to access the mental beliefs, the reasons underlying the clutter. So, not only has she helped me to transform the different areas of my life — from my wardrobe to my office — but she has helped me to clear out the mental clutter. Now, that's powerful!”

— Leslie Evans Thorne, career specialist

“Whoa... talk about life changing! Sue is brilliant. My body was screaming at me, “ Lee, let go… please!” Clearing clutter with Sue is the best thing I've ever done for myself.”

— Lee Miller, web designer


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