Sue Rasmussen
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Nice to Meet You!


you’re in business for a reason

Maybe the reason was a calling, unlimited potential, using your gifts and passion, deep meaning and satisfaction, or making a difference in the world.


I call that a hero’s journey… as an entrepreneur, you’re being called to do more than you ever imagined.


As an entrepreneur, you’re on a journey

Clutter will do everything possible to stop you


how clutter derails your journey

On your hero’s journey, you will encounter obstacles. It’s a given.

Clutter is one of those obstacles.

Clutter wants to wreck your business, steal your potential and your calling, derail your sanity, and cost you an enormous amount of time and money.

Clutter will do everything to:


hijack your clarity

steal your time

chain you to the past

cloud your judgment

overwhelm your day

stir up self-doubt, shame, and guilt

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That’s where I come in


As a friendly guide.

I understand the hero’s journey of being in business.

I also understand clutter.

I’m Sue Rasmussen, and my process helps you clear the clutter obstacles on your path and free you up to reach your full potential.

My story.

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Sue Rasmussen shows us how to find and follow our own kind of simplicity out of the chaos we create. Not just about your desk… it’s about clearing your head in anything you do.
— Barbara Sher, bestselling author of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was and Refuse to Choose
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