Sue Rasmussen



My name is Sue Rasmussen, and I help professional women who are overwhelmed by clutter, both at home and in the office, to clear out their stuff so that they can have a pristine environment, improved mental and emotional health, better relationships, repair their past, and live a more fulfilled life. 

I'm a master coach, EFT practitioner, and two-time international best-selling author.


i am in love. seriously.

I’m ridiculously in love with helping women let go of the possessions that no longer serve them.

I get excited when I hear someone is stuck or overwhelmed and having a hard time letting go… because to me, that’s a ginormous red flag that’s leading straight to their own treasure chest of authentic living. A major breakthrough ready to happen.

this is my calling?!?

But. Even though I’ve always found that the process of letting go is a catalyst for the deepest kind of transformation in my own life, I had a huge problem feeling like it was important enough to share with the world.

Talking publicly about this love affair with clearing clutter has been something that I’ve resisted, kicking and screaming, for my entire life.

I mean, really.

Clearing clutter? That’s my thing?

What kind of Divine joke is that? Why can’t I have something, well, sexier? Or smarter? Like feeling called to do brain surgery or feeding the world’s hungry children or helping people build multi-million dollar businesses.

But no. My calling is to go through the stuff of everyday life.

And I’ve felt this pull ever since I can remember. I was the kid who loved cleaning out her closet and rearranging the family room.

On a Saturday.

For fun.

Initially, it was all about arranging the stuff for me. Organizing it. Cataloging it. Making it look good. And wow, do I love that.

However, even as I moved the sofa for the hundredth time, I was doing much, much, MUCH deeper work.

I just didn’t realize it at the time.

Clearing clutter helps you identify what you love, what feels amazing to you, and what fits your current life.
— Unclutter Your Spirit

fast forward a couple of decades


In the middle of a difficult divorce, I hit what felt like rock bottom. I had followed the expectations of everyone I knew… got a college degree, got a great job, got married, built our dream home filled with tons of stuff, lived in a fabulous part of the country… so why was I so unhappy?

When I finally got brave enough to take a good look at my life, I realized that none of it fit me. Even worse, I didn’t know what a good fit for me even was.

As I started the painful process through divorce, I also began the practice of going through my life, one thing at a time, to rebuild it my way.

I started with the most tangible, practical, visible things possible: I cleared out my house.

I went through my stuff, one item at a time, and asked myself if that item reflected the life I wanted to create for myself.

I asked myself if that item reflected back a feeling of inspiration and happiness and bubbly excitement for me, or if the item represented fear, guilt, someone else’s priorities, or constriction in any way.

I kept the stuff that made me happy. I gradually let the rest go.

The process brought up unwanted floods of emotion and the devastating realization of how far off track I was from living an authentic life.

But now I had a compass I could use to bring me back on my path.

I could use the items sitting on my shelves and hanging in my closet to discover what deeply mattered to me in that moment, and shift my environment to reflect those priorities.

And I started trusting myself in a whole new way.

As I let go of the stuff, I let go of mountains of outdated expectations and shoulds and guilt.

As I got rid of the clutter, I rediscovered myself.

I got unstuck.

I got breathing room and clarity.

I moved out of the huge house and into a smaller space filled with only things that I loved.

I went from having a successful job in software development to creating an entirely new career that feeds me to my soul, running my own business as a professional coach, which eventually led to interviews for the Today Show, Success Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and becoming a bestselling author.

Most recently, I followed a dream I’ve had for 10 years, to travel and work in an Airstream (which I love, love, love).

The process of clearing out the clutter, both the stuff in my home and the clutter in my mind, remains to this day as the single most transformational process that I have ever experienced in my life.

The bottom line is that ... you simply can’t afford to be overwhelmed, stressed, or scattered.
— My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy

so i put out my shingle

This clutter clearing stuff was too valuable to keep to myself, so I started a coaching practice.


along the way, i got some credentials...

  • Graduate and former faculty member of Coach U

  • Achieved the highest coaching credentialing level of Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2005 (less than 1% of coaches worldwide reach the MCC level)

  • Certified EFT Practitioner

... worked with some clients

Last time I counted, I've worked with over 6,000 people in 29 countries.


... and wrote a couple of best-selling books:


and... i live and run my business in an airstream

Oh, yeah. 

I live, travel around the U.S., and work in less than 200 square feet... everything I need and love in the tiniest of spaces.

I’m a whole-hearted, clutter-free entrepreneur, following my calling as well as my dream.

Want to see? Here's my Airstream. 


enough about me.

Now let’s talk about you.


If you could handle your clutter forever — the clutter that has been holding you back — what would be possible in your life?

If you want to talk through the answer to that question, or if thinking through that question has made it clear to you that this is a problem that needs to be solved, then I think it would make sense for us to get on a call.

No pressure. No twisting your arm. Just real talk about what's going on, with a path moving forward.