Book Club


I love to read. Always have.

So when I recently felt a little nudge to set up a Book Club, 
my heart leapt for joy. 

Listen as I read books that have captured my attention:
books on clearing out and letting go of what gets in our way,
inner and outer clutter, spiritual clutter, blessings,
and making room for what really matters.

Every weekday, you’ll receive the recording for that day’s chapter.
You can listen while driving, hiking, walking your dog… whenever works best for you.

To receive notice about the book I’m currently reading
and the full list of recordings (so you won’t miss a thing)
I’ve done so far for the current book:



for Blessing or Curse
(past Book Club title)

Oh my gosh…..  If I would have picked up this book on my own, I don’t think I would have ever gotten to the blessing part. I keep trusting that there will be an even bigger light at the end of the tunnel. If I had the book in hand, I KNOW I would have already broken down and read the end. 

My mind keeps thinking…. What is coming up? Where are the blessings? Where are the blessings? (Do not answer me. I am practicing my patience and I know we will get there.)

You are opening my eyes to things I never even considered! I am like you. I was never taught about curses.

I love hearing your voice reading it to me! 

I have listened through chapter 10 and I use the weekends to get caught up. I have my note cards, my notes and my pen ready to go. You are changing my life with this book. I thank God every single day for you. Thank you for following God’s leading on this. It is a tough, tough subject to learn about for the very 1st time in my 47 years! I keep reading my bible verse and the faith responses for each chapter. 

My new question is…..

Lord, how can I be a blessing today with fun and ease?

I love you, girl!