Episode 4: Abundance and Peace, One Financial Plan at a Time (Sonja Palomino)

I am so excited to introduce Sonja Palomino! 

Sonja Palomino become a financial coach after her family almost lost everything, and it inspired her to learn how to turn her family’s finances around, get out of debt, and get the financial weight of the world off her shoulders. In 2004, with a new baby on her hip, a new house under construction, a 401K loan, and up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, Sonja’s family had a $70K reduction in income, going from over $100K down to $40K overnight. Through the guilt and shame and at one of the lowest times in her life, her passion was ignited.

Now, as a financial coach, her unique system looks at much more than simply the numbers; she also empowers her clients to dig deeper to focus on bringing joy, abundance, and peace into this typically black-and-white financial realm. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs with irregular income, showing them how to create a strong financial foundation and build the lifestyle and future they wanted when they went into business for themselves in the first place. She has personally conducted over 9,000 one-on-one coaching sessions to help her clients transform their relationship with money.  

Learn more about Sonja and schedule a conversation with her at http://www.injoyconsulting.com

Sue Rasmussen