book club

Listen as I read books that have caught my interest: books on clearing out and letting go of what gets in our way, inner and outer clutter, spiritual clutter, blessings, and making room for what really matters. More about Book Club.


Listen as I interview special guests, wonderful clients, or share whatever is on my mind in the moment. Here's the Podcast.


my desk is driving me crazy

When you're overly busy or have too much on your plate, getting more done isn't the answer. This counter-intuitive book shows you how to easily sort what is important from what isn't — and let the non-important things go — so you can put your energy on what  truly matters to you. More about the book.


unclutter your spirit

What if the stuff in your home was much more than just... stuff? What if the things around you were a direct map to what's going on inside you: your beliefs, your resistance, your story of your past, your fears and doubts, and also your joy and connection to deep wisdom? More about the book


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On the backroads of horse country in north central Florida, I found myself listening to a radio station called TheJoyFM, and I fell in love with the music. I found inspiration, boy, and a deep peace. Thought you might enjoy it, too, so I created some YouTube playlists with my favorites