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My Unclutter Your Life 8-Week Program is changing lives, one after another.

I have THE most amazing clients. See how these extraordinary women were able to overcome the burden and stress of clutter and overwhelm in just a few short weeks to create a home — and life — they love.



“Oh my, WOW! This is absolutely fantastic!!!

Before I started working with you, I knew I had some things to clear out that were affecting my business. However, my mind, as a form of self-protection, was telling me things like “you really don’t have that much more to go through” and “you’ve already tried something like this before and it didn’t really change anything.

Well, I was totally wrong. I had no idea how life-changing clearing with you would be.

When I started the program, I had huge resistance to letting go; I needed your permission to let things go. I am absolutely amazed, Sue, how you lead the group, and the energy of the calls has propelled me in a way that has been totally unexpected. There is something very different that comes through you.

Part-way through I noticed I was starting to slide back into compromising myself again, and you gave me permission again to not compromise. Now I’m totally IN – and now I trust everything you say.  

This clearing is at a totally different level; I got more done in one day than I got done in the previous two years combined. I'm clearing areas I have procrastinated about for years! 

Now, I start my morning feeling complete – and that makes me want to cry. That feeling of NOT being complete had affected every single day, every week, every month.

Now, in my spirit, I have this sense of peace and confidence that my day starts right, that it's already complete. There are very few areas in my life that are black and white like that, and what we've done feels complete, in a real, tangible way.

I have this pep in my step, I feel lighter, my smile is genuine, my mind is less cluttered. I feel motivated, with this inner fire in my spirit.

I feel, for the very first time, like I have margin in my life. I dedicated my Sunday to take time just for me and to not feel guilty about it. For the first time ever, the guilt of taking some time and space for me is GONE. I now have time to nurture my spirit, without guilt, without looking around and seeing all the stuff that is undone… because I know that I’m complete.

I never felt worthy of that margin before, and now I do. I never even knew that I needed that margin.

I’ve never, ever gotten to this point by reading books or watching the TV series on clearing that everybody is watching, nothing. Nothing has gotten me motivated into action like you have. Nothing has even come close to the results I have gotten from working with you.

Best of all, the results “stick” – they’re not temporary. I am so transformed and so motivated!”

— Sonja, Financial Coach


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“Saying yes to Sue’s program is, bar none, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  

I was known as a “closet clutterer,” prior to this program. People would say, “Oh, Lee, you’re so organized.” And the truth was, clutter had been an ongoing issue for me; I was just really good at putting it away! 

I used to have a very hard time making the decision to get rid of stuff…
either I couldn’t, or I wouldn’t, or I didn’t. 

My space was colossally full. Every drawer. Every cupboard. Everywhere. Not only that, but there were things that bugged me every time I walked into each room. I had tightness—especially in my chest—that gripped me when I spent time in my own space.  

Sue was brilliant; she is an expert on clutter at the deepest level. She showed me how my body speaks to me about my stuff. Indeed, she was big time correct. My body was screaming at me— “Lee, let go…please!”

Three valuable lessons I have learned about clutter: 

1. Clutter has a direct attachment to my energy. 

I felt dread before the clear out. Spending time in that room was the last thing I wanted to do. I couldn’t find anything. I had to move stuff around just to work. I ended up clearing out 70% of what was in that room. 

Yes, 70%!

As I did it I felt lighter, happier, freer and relieved. There was space. There wasn’t a dread. The tightness was gone. I could breathe. I feel free.

2. Clutter connects me to scarcity. 

As I touched each item during our clear out, I was confronted with the belief I was telling myself. “You can’t get rid of that; you might need it someday; maybe you won’t ever be able to have it again.”

It was scarcity thinking at its finest! 

What opened up for me was a sense that I have enough—even after clearing out 70% of my stuff. The truth is that in every stage of my life, I have had enough. More wasn’t the answer. I felt a sense of calm about enough-ness in the moment. I feel happy.

3. Clearing clutter creates an uncanny spaciousness. 

It wasn’t just a physical space; it was more, much more. My cupboards and drawers were free of the logjams of stuff. I could relax into the space. I found things with ease. 

I can’t describe the joy there is in looking at and feeling the space I now feel.

It’s not just about gathering up a bunch of stuff and getting rid of it. It’s about making decisions about things that have had some meaning — some hold — on me. There are feelings, rules, attachments, and beliefs that I held onto, and they went deep. 

This program has really challenged my beliefs. Why was I keeping all this stuff? And I’ve really been able to let go of those beliefs.

 Whoa... talk about life changing.”

— Lee Miller, Web Designer



“Sue’s program has become an integral part of clearing out my life since I was first introduced to Sue and her awesome Clear-Out days. I was hooked after the first one and I haven’t stopped since! 

I joined Sue’s program and it became an integral part of clearing out the stuff and the things that just weren’t working in my life.

A couple of months prior to meeting Sue, I received news of a small cancerous nodule in my breast. That was my second breast cancer diagnosis since 2007, and I had a subsequent 3-week cleansing experience at a great place in Florida. 

At that time, I knew things had to change in my life, and to ensure my ongoing health, vitality, and longevity. 

One of the things at the top of my list was to clear out the stuff in my life, on all levels. So it was really happenstance that I met Sue, and it was on the first call that I knew Sue was for me.

Finally, someone to give me guidance, coaching, and mostly, the permission to look at my stuff and declare its real value in my life. 

The changes I started to see and feel in my life were immediate. Letting go of things that I had felt compelled to keep was very liberating and I continue to feel the benefits. 

Sue’s coaching and the support and the stories from others are very uplifting and inspiring and they truly work to getting you to approach your things and your life with new, fresh, and what I like to call 
“spunky eyes” and I just love it.

With regards to physical clutter, I started with small areas at first and by the time we sold the house, I had this huge amount of items to go out the door. Selling the big, monster house was also part of my personal journey. 

I ended up calling an auction company and they took two big trailers full of stuff – it was a huge relief! I even had them return for more items from my new home, so when the auction was held, it brought in more than $5,000. It’s not why I did it, but isn’t that a great benefit? It was all stuff I didn’t need and didn’t want.

I think and rethink all of my purchases now, which is a good thing because it’s saving me money, too. You will look at things differently that you bring into your home. 

The really cool thing that I’ve learned is that my clutter isn’t just things; it has a lot to do with my mind talk – and that’s what keeps us from growing and allowing the really great things to come out in our lives.

I truly feel that Sue’s program has helped me clear out the junk in my mind and get clear on what my purpose was, and what my passion was.

Now I’m able to focus on my own business and creating a healthier lifestyle!”

— Tina Pruitt, Athlete, Speaker



“I am very picky about programs that I do, and I have to say that Sue’s program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As she says, it starts with the clutter, but it is NOT really about the clutter!

Sue has taught me that simply clearing out stuff doesn’t change anything. If we don’t change the beliefs that allowed us to collect and hold on to the stuff in the first place, the stuff will just come back.

Working with Sue, I have decluttered my electronic and paper files, my inbox, my sentimental stuff, my crawl space, and every area of my house, too. It has been a layer-by-layer process… one that has been exhilarating at times, and challenging at times.

Sue uses decluttering as a way of getting at and dissolving those old patterns, habits, and beliefs that are no longer serving us... she does life transformation through clearing out our stuff… the physical and emotional and mental.”

— Christi Collins, Director



“When I first heard Sue speak, I was recently married and had moved into my husband’s home in rural South Carolina, which was filled with remnants of his previous life. 

We added things from my home in New York City, as well as pieces from my parent’s home and I really was overwhelmed with the thought of “how am I going to create this transition successfully?” 

Working with Sue has been the answer; she has helped me to create so much space in my life! I was invited to go deeper and shed everything that’s not supporting who I am today. 

It is so exciting to be in a life where I love everything that surrounds me now — whether it’s clothes that express how I look, or whether it’s my office and how I feel, or other parts of our home. I love being surrounded by things that really make me happy. 

Sue's work is inspiring. What I have learned from Sue is that by clearing the physical clutter from my life, I am able to access the mental beliefs, the reasons underlying the clutter. So, not only has she helped me to transform the different areas of my life — from my wardrobe to my office — but she has helped me to clear out the mental clutter. Now, that's powerful!

And, the beauty of Sue's work is that she creates a safe space where you can explore at your own pace — you can go deep or not, fast or slow, according to your own needs.

Also, as a coach, it’s important for me to be centered and happy in my life so I have more to give, and that’s another benefit of this program for me, in that it’s allowed me to give in much bigger ways to my clients. 

Sue’s program is more than worth the investment! Thank you, Sue!

— Leslie Evans Thorne



“Your program is one of the most life transforming I have ever taken! I found my life filled with “organized clutter” everywhere. I was not paying attention to how every single piece of stuff I have, in all areas of my life, including on my computer, my calendar, relationships, and so on, was also holding me back! My environments (inner and outer) were filled to overflowing with things which no longer inspired me and instead I felt regret or frustration, sadness, and anger at myself. Classes I never did the homework in, or books I never read, incomplete projects, gifts I did not especially enjoy. Wow, has that shifted since taking your program!

I have de-cluttered for years and did not consider I had much of a problem; however, your process took me much deeper than I ever went before, with great ease and INSPIRATION!

I am very intuitive, however, I never asked myself some of the questions you posed.

I no longer feel stuck! I now love to declutter and it has become something I am inspired to do a little of every day! I feel lighter, more free, more creative, and ideas come flowing in more each day! It has become a joy filled journey, knowing I am creating “space for much more magic and wonderful things to come flowing in every single day!!

I LOVE my home and my office more and more every single day, thanks to you!!

What a joy and I can already feel a shift in my life!! Even my coach wanted to know the details - I was so excited!! Thank you so much for transforming my life, one little moment at a time! There are not words to thank you for the great work you are doing!”

— Morgine Jurdan, Coach


 more of What People are Saying…


“Sue, your process of uncluttering has truly changed my life. 

Literally every aspect of my life is opening up. I was holding on to all sorts of old commitments that no longer made me happy, too.  

Everything is opening up now. And while it is scary at times, as I let go of an old, worn out identity, I feel the undercurrents of something truly life-changing under foot. Thank you!!!” 

— Coco Fossland


 “Sue is a magnificent, sparkly, pioneering coach and spiritual teacher with a powerful message about personal transformation. Sue’s life purpose is showing how to deeply trust yourself and the wisdom of your heart. She brings real intimacy, real healing for people.”

— Baeth Davis, Align to Your Design


“A life-changing journey through unblocking your psyche and your life using clutter clearing. Sue shows how clutter is not just about your stuff but is also about how we energetically entangle and hold ourselves back.”

— JoAnn Hanson, Investment Advisor


“Sue Rasmussen has a way of looking at clutter that, first of all, doesn’t make you feel bad or guilty about your clutter but, more importantly, shows you a way to gain insights and grow spiritually using your clutter as the impetus.“

— Gail L. Van Amberg, MA, LPC


“Sue Rasmussen offers a fantastic and light-hearted approach to looking at your ‘stuff’ as more than just personal items. She will take you on a fun journey through your clutter to help you learn about yourself — identifying subconscious blocks and beliefs, what messages your physical belongings may have for you, and how to go about releasing anything you aren’t in alignment with… like you have a friend by your side the entire time!”

— Amy B. Scher, author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can