Sue Rasmussen
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Client Success

sonja, financial coach

“Oh my, WOW! This is absolutely fantastic!!!

Before I started working with you, I knew I had some things to clear out that were affecting my business. However, my mind, as a form of self-protection, was telling me things like “you really don’t have that much more to go through” and “you’ve already tried something like this before and it didn’t really change anything.

Well, I was totally wrong! I had no idea how life-changing clearing with you would be.” Read more…

website designer

“Saying yes to Sue’s program is, bar none, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  

I was known as a “closet clutterer,” prior to this program. People would say, “Oh, Lee, you’re so organized.” And the truth was, clutter had been an ongoing issue for me; I was just really good at putting it away!

I used to have a very hard time making the decision to get rid of stuff…
either I couldn’t, or I wouldn’t, or I didn’t.” Read more…


health and fitness expert, investor

“Sue’s program has become an integral part of clearing out my life since I was first introduced to Sue and her awesome Clear-Out days. I was hooked after the first one and I haven’t stopped since!

A couple of months prior to meeting Sue, I received news of a small cancerous nodule in my breast. That was my second breast cancer diagnosis since 2007… I knew things had to change in my life, and to ensure my ongoing health, vitality, and longevity.” Read more…


“I am very picky about programs that I do, and I have to say that Sue’s program has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As she says, it starts with the clutter, but it is NOT really about the clutter!

Sue has taught me that simply clearing out stuff doesn’t change anything. If we don’t change the beliefs that allowed us to collect and hold on to the stuff in the first place, the stuff will just come back.” Read more…



“Your program is one of the most life transforming I have ever taken! I loved your program more than words can say!

I have de-cluttered for years and did not consider I had much of a problem; however, your process took me much deeper than I ever went before, with great ease and INSPIRATION!” Read more…